ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lippies Are Mounting A Comback

The lived-in lip look is essentially perfect for summer. With the hot, humid weather, who needs a sticky, clingy gloss or a perfectly precise, painted matte power pout? ColourPop is bringing back its Ultra Blotted lippies, which are different than the Blotted Lippies, because it's always best to let loose and live a little with your lips in the dog days of summer. When is the beloved budget and on-trend brand restocking the Ultra Blotted liqiuid lipsticks?

The lippies return to the site on Friday, Jun. 23 and you will want to snag them.

In case you need a refresher course on the Blotted Lip vs. the Ultra Blotted Lip products, here's the critical intel.

The Blotted Lip comes in sheer and matte stick form and is weightless, diffused, and natural. You can build as much or as little color as you want for wash of stained, "I just ate some fruit"-like color.

The Ultra Blotted lip is the wand version and it's lightweight and transfer-proof. You get that soft, just-blotted look via this medium coverage liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish and doesn't move.

Both are swipe 'n' go and easy to wear, giving you that fun, carefree lip look that adds color and dimension without having to spend too much time painting it on.

The blotted lip look certainly works for those insanely brutal days when you don't want to pile too much product on your face due to the hot 'n' heavy air. You can see the difference in packaging and formulations here.

There are eight Ultra Blotted lippies, all of which are currently sold out. Stock is replenishing tomorrow, so can I get a "Woo hoo!" for that good news?

The colors will add the perfect pop of color or "ColourPop" to your pout. You will get a dose of bright and pretty glam without feeling over done up. That's a must when it's stifling out.