Fenty Beauty Body Lava Is Back & You NEED To See The Trophy Wife Shade

Fenty Beauty/Instagram

March 20 was the first day of spring, and of course, Rihanna made sure that Fenty Beauty fans knew warmer weather was here. On Wednesday, March 20, Fenty Beauty's Body Lava returned, and the iconic summertime product even came in a brand new shade. Can Rihanna be nominated for beauty sainthood yet? She did dress up as a sexy pope once.

Rihanna, patron saint of glowing skin and inclusive makeup, took to Instagram on March 20 to announce that Fenty Beauty's Body Lava would be returning, and here's the thing, because she's Rihanna, the glowing body product didn't just return. It came back with one of the brand's most iconic shades.

Body Lava now comes in shade Trophy Wife. If it's been a minute since you browsed the Fenty Beauty website (which you should work on), Trophy Wife is the highlighter shade that basically broke the influencer internet when Fenty Beauty originally debuted back in Sept. 2017. The vibrant, true gold highlighter was also chosen as the shade that was launched in special packaging for Rihanna's 30th birthday. No big deal, right? Plus, not only does it make a gorgeous highlight shade, particularly on deeper skin tones, but the golden hue is also a perfect eyeshadow.

Now, it's the perfect shade of Body Lava.

Trophy Wife, however, isn't the only shade of Body Lava available in 2019. Fenty Beauty has also brought back the 2018 shades of Who Needs Clothes and Brown Sugar. If you didn't stock up on those shades last year, now's the time to do so thanks to their return.

As for when you can get your hands on Body Lava in all three shades, including Trophy Wife, there's some extra good news. Fenty Beauty didn't make their fans wait to get their hands on the glow-creating product. Body Lava launched today, March 21 at midnight pt and is available on the Fenty Beaut website, in stores at Sephora as well as Sephora online, and Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Given the fact that Body Lava is now in a brand new shade, you may be thinking the price has increased. Let's be honest, Rihanna would never do that to you. Just like the original launch in April 2018, Body Lava will retail for the same $59 price tag.

While the announcement that Fenty Beauty is bringing back Body Lava was surprising, the return of the product itself isn't quite as shocking. Of course, fans didn't know Body Lava would come back, especially in such an iconic new shade, but this actually isn't the first return of the product. Back in November 2018, the ultra-glowy Body Lava returned in special holiday kits alongside the brand's Fairy Bomb. Clearly, fans love it, because now it's back again for a third time.

Get ready to actually bath in liquid gold this spring and summer because Fenty Beauty's Body Lava in Trophy Wife is here, and it's making its debut with the brand's OG shades to get you the perfect warm weather glow.