Kylie Shop's 'I'm The Kendall' Tee Got A New Look

In case you haven't already noticed, The Kylie Shop is getting a major restock. I'm talking everything from brand new bombers to even more Kardashian-Jenner clothing. Fans loved the first round of clothing so much that Jenner decided to give some of the items an update for round two. The "I'm The Kendall You're The Kylie" tee is one of them. While the overall vibes are the same, it's got a brand new color. When can you buy the second version, you ask? The date and the theme of the shirt go hand-in-hand.

Instead of just restocking the items she already created, Jenner has decided to give The Kylie Shop all completely new items. That doesn't mean that all the styles are leaving though. Remember the edgy, red and black "I'm The Kendall You're The Kylie" shirt? Well, it's getting a new look. According to The Kyle Shop's Instagram, the phrase is the same, but the shirt now comes in a pink and white dripping pattern.

You won't be surprised by the launch date either. The pink and white "I'm The Kendall You're The Kylie" shirt is available on Feb. 14 at 3 p.m. ET.

There is a way to get it earlier though. All of the new Kylie Shop gear will be available at the NYC Kylie Pop-Up Shop on Feb. 13 at 27 Mercer St. in New York.

It's not the only item that's getting a re-do either. The Kylie Shop will also be selling three different colors of the Lip Kit Bomber as well. Of course, there will be new item too. Jenner teased a whole new line with the word "thick" across them. It includes everything from sports bras to sweatpants.

The shirt is just as distressed as the previous one, but it's definitely a much brighter patter of wording. This is the only item that has been shown thus far with a pink and white theme. It's perfect for Valentine's Day though. Something tells me that it will be just as limited edition as the previous design as well.

Mark those calendars, because this is going to be one of the bestselling Kylie Shop items for sure. Especially since even the people who got the previous design can add a new one to their collection.