Kylie & Jordyn Woods Are About To Break The Internet With Their BFF Beauty Collab

The collaboration Kylie Cosmetics fans have been waiting for is finally on its way. The Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods collaboration has officially made its Instagram debut, and this BFF duo may just break the internet a la Jenner's elder sister Kim. The best part about the news, though? The products are coming fans' way sooner than they may have expected.

Over the weekend, the Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods products officially made their internet debut on both Jenner and the brand's Instagram accounts. According to the Kylie Cosmetics founder, she and best friend Jordyn Woods have been hard at work on this collaboration for some time now, and she and Woods both took to their social media profiles to express their love for one another. Now, they've come together to create some products that look SO good.

When will people be able to shop the new Kylie x Jordyn collaboration? The pair aren't making Kylie Cosmetics lovers wait long. According to the brand's Instagram account, the entire collection will be up for grabs on Sept. 21 at 3pm PT. That's only two days from now, and it's the perfect way to kick off your weekend. After all, who wouldn't want to start their weekend with Jenner and Woods, right?

As for what fans will find inside? It's filled with products that'll basically have your entire face Woods and Jenner approved. Of course, there's a gorgeous 12-pan eyeshadow palette filled with golden, copper, and bronze hues with a bit of a pop of color thanks to a stunning purple. Then, there are the pair's two glosses. One is a golden glitter in a brand new formula, and the other is an incredibly opaque brown-toned nude. They aren't the only lippies, though. Jenner and Woods also developed a matte lipstick shade in the color Woods (obviously). Finally, what collection is complete without highlighter? The Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods collection features a quad set that'll have you glowing.

As for pricing, that hasn't been released yet. However, Jenner rarely charges above her average price point for pieces of a collection. You can probably expect these items to retail for their permanent counterparts' pricing.

Will there be a bundle? There may be a way to save some cash if you're totally obsessed with every item in the collection. Jenner announced in an Instagram post that, yes, a bundle would be available once the collection goes live on her site.

How are fans feeling about the collection? They're loving it.

In fact, they're using gifs of Jenner to celebrate, well, Jenner (and Woods, of course).

After all, this pair is iconic.

Others are excited for the Kylie x Jordyn collection because of its inclusion range of shades.

Jenner and Woods may just have a banger of a collection on their hands. With inclusive products for different skin tones and those amazing BFF vibes everyone loves from the two of them, this seems to be one Kylie Cosmetics collaboration that you don't want to miss.