Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian Are Friends Again & Here's Everything You Need To Know

Charley Gallay/Christopher Polk/ Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not a day seems to go by without something Kardashian-Jenner related in the news. However, as hard as it is to believe, there once was a time when the Kardashians weren't dominating the tabloids — but hotel heiress Paris Hilton was. Any celeb fan knows that Kim and Paris used to be friends (and that Kim worked for Paris), but at some point had a falling out. It's also known that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton became friends again recently. What some thought of as a lost relationship between the two has actually been back for awhile now, and fans couldn't be more excited.

To backtrack a little, Paris and Kim were friends in the early 2000s, when Paris was making headlines left and right as a reality star. In 2003, she and Nicole Richie starred in The Simple Life where the duo tried everyday jobs that usually required manual labor. This came right after Paris' sex tape was released, sparking similarities to how Kim K got her start as well. Before Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered in 2007, Kim was both Paris' best friend and assistant. She was known as a closet organizer to the stars as well, cleaning out closets that belonged to Nicole Richie, Brandy, and, of course, Paris.

At the time, Paris was the most famous one among those stars. Although she and Kim were spotted everywhere together, from parties to vacation hotspots, Paris was the one that was in the limelight. Of course, the tables turned once Kim had her own reality show; in 2009 Kim Kardashian surpassed Paris Hilton in trending Google topics. At some point around then, their friendship died out, as shown by some not-so-nice comments Paris made about Kim's appearance.

Fast forward to the present and what seemed like an impossibility a decade ago is reality now. In January, Paris Hilton said she'd "of course" invite Kim K to her wedding to Chris Zylka, according to TMZ, but it seems like the friendship was rekindled long before that. Back in 2014, the two reality icons bumped into each other in Ibiza and shared a laugh while reminiscing, as shown on Kim's Instagram. Later, Paris was invited to Kris Jenner's Christmas Party in 2016. Clearly, there's been no bad blood for awhile now between the two women.

The duo also made fans' heads turn when Paris was seen modeling the new Yeezy Season 6 gear at the end of January. What made everyone talk even more was the fact that Paris was dressed as a spitting image of Kim, which was obviously the point; Kim used the hashtag #ForeverTheOG, most likely referencing the fact that Paris' fame came long before Kim's.

Shortly after that, Kim sent many people special PR packages for her new KKW Fragrance Valentine's Day line, with notably divided groups of recipients. She posted on her Instagram Story that she was sending some packages to her haters, as well as her friends. Paris Hilton was noticeably in the section of BFFs along with Kim's sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. So it's clear that the beef from long ago has been forgotten, and fans are here for it:

It's good to see that Kim and Paris seem to be of officially friends again after almost a decade of staying apart. The duo have had shared such an intense history, and fans everywhere are thrilled that they seem to be totally cool with one another despite any past bumps in the road. Kim and Paris may have very different lives now, but it's great that they're both embracing their roots and returning to their deepest friendships.