Kim Is Launching Lipstick Bundles That Will Make You Forfeit Your Kylie Lip Kits

Kim Kardashian West is a busy woman, but that's no secret to her fans. From starring on a reality television show to prepping for a fourth baby, there's a lot going on, but it hasn't slowed down her makeup empire. The new KKW Beauty lipstick bundles are the latest from Kardashian and her eponymous brand, and not only will they be saving beauty lovers a little bit of cash, but they'll also give you Kim K approved lippies. What's not to love about that?

In case you hadn't heard, KKW Beauty is no longer just about complexion products. While the brand did start with contour, highlight, and concealer, they're far more than that now. They've been steadily launching more and more lipsticks to go along with other new products like eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. As for the lipsticks, though, they're the classic bullet kind, not the Kylie Jenner liquid kind, and new bundles are on their way to fans' vanities.

According to the KKW Beauty Instagram account, the brand is launching three new sets of lipsticks in nude, pink, and red. Inside the nude set, you'll find the brand's four most popular nude sets, and the same can be said of the collection of pink hues. As for the collection of red lippies, you'll get Kardashian's latest launch, Classic Red, alongside three brand new colors in Hot Sauce, Candy Apple Red, and Cherry Pop.

Whether you've been looking for the perfect nude, pink, or red lip, Kardashian is going to help you find it with her new bundles. The brand's social media site and website explain that while they are available now at the KKW Beauty, for those not near the California location, you'll be able to shop the new lipstick collections beginning tomorrow, Feb. 5 at 12 pm PT.

As for the price, each set of four lipsticks comes in their own lucite case and retail for $65. Now, before you start thinking that $65 for four lipsticks is expensive, just wait. If you head to the KKW Beauty website, you'll see that the brand's lipsticks retail for $18 individually. Once the price of the bundle is broken down, you're actually saving money as each individual lippie inside would retail for just over $16.

While fans have already seen all of the members of the nude and pink bundles, that's not the case with the red set given its three new hues. Lovers of KKW Beauty shouldn't be worried, though. Would Kardashian ever let you down?

Since the collection of red lipsticks includes never before seen shades, the brand has uploaded a multitude of tutorials and swatch videos to show off the new reds. Whether you're looking for a blackened red or a more orange-leaning shade, KKW Beauty has it for you.

If you want to snag any of the KKW Beauty lipstick bundles, mark your calendars for tomorrow, Feb. 5 at 12 pm PT. With a technically discounted price and the most popular KKW lipstick shades up for grabs, these bundles are the perfect way to get KKW approved lips.