Are The New KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams Sold Out?

Lately, KKW Beauty has seemed to focus on products that are integral to their creator's signature looks. Kim Kardashian's nude and bronze makeup looks are clearly major inspiration for the brand, but the new KKW Beauty Ultralight Beam highlighters and glosses are a colorful pop within the existing range. Are they sold out, though? The three new hues are stunning colors, and they'll make any fan of colorful products jump for joy.

While KKW Beauty's Ultralight Beam highlighters are nothing new for the brand, there are now new hues in the glimmering highlights and glosses. Only a few days ago, KKW Beauty launched pink, lavender, and peach hues of the product, and they look like the perfect compliment to the existing range. Sold in a bundle with one loose powder highlighter and one gloss, the paired products provide a serious glow and sheen to the lips.

Are the new colors sold out, yet? Good news, KKW Beauty fans. If you loved the original hues of the Ultralight Beams, you can still snag the new color before they sell out, and you're forced to wait for a restock. First, though, you need to choose how you'll be shopping the product since there's more than just one way.

Unlike some of KKW Beauty's products that have been made into singles (like the powder contour shades and creme sticks), the UltraLight Beams are still sold in different types of bundles. If you're only interested in one of the three new shades, you'll probably want to buy just that one hue. To do so, you'll be shopping the duos which include both a gloss and a highlight in the same color. They're bundled together and not sold separately and retail for $32.

If, however, you love the glosses and want to have a full set from Kardashian's beauty brand, you can do that. While you can't buy a single gloss shade on its own, you can purchase all six of the Ultralight Beam glosses in a bundle that'll cost you $80.

Similarly, if you're a highlight junkie but not a huge fan of lip gloss, you can shop all of the highlighters in a bundle. It costs $70.

For those who just can't get enough of Kardashian's products, though, you can snag the ultimate Ultralight Beam bundle. The brand is offering all six shades of the highlighters and glosses (that's 12 products total) in a bundle for $150 that could make you the proud owner of every single shade.

If you're hoping to make these purchases today, on Labor Day, Sept. 3, there is a bit of bad news. No, they're not sold out, but they are excluded from the KKW Beauty Labor Day sale. While the KKW Beauty site is currently 25 percent off site wide, the Ultralight Beams are excluded from the deal.

No matter how you choose to shop, there's good news. The new KKW Ultralight beams are still available. With a pop of color and gorgeous glow, you can't pass them up.