The 'Evil' Creators Say Season 2 Will Be Way More Intense Than Season 1

 Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Mike Colter as David Acosta in CB...

Evil, the CBS spiritual thriller from the creators of The Good Wife, was renewed before its first 13 episode season wrapped up. The finale will drop on Jan. 30, but fans, including some of the series' biggest stars, are already anticipating Evil Season Two, which will premiere sometime in 2020-2021.

In Robert and Michelle King’s paranormal procedural, Mike Colter, aka Luke Cage, plays a Roman Catholic assessor who is, well, as buff as Luke Cage. Unable to always distinguish demonic possessions from your run of the mill psychosis, Colter's character recruits a forensic psychologist (Katja Herbers) to play the skeptical, hard-nosed Scully to his priestly, believing Mulder.

Herbers, who says that she is "so excited to get to make more #EVIL", has already posted to Twitter about her Season Two stoke.

And she's not alone. Herbers' costar Michael Emerson, who plays an occult expert slash bad guy, basked in the "good news" (pun intended?) for Evil, which pits catechism against science in the pursuit of truth. Luke Cage himself, a specimen whose brooding roles make his proclamation all the more charming, announced he was "absolutely giddy" for season 2. That's right — GIDDY.

The first season's mysteries were also all centered around a theme of "innocence," according to the Kings. In December they told Entertainment Weekly that a second season would expand on that, especially for one character in particular.

"It becomes more personal to Kristen. She finds there’s a struggle within her own soul. What starts as something about the children moves to something that is about our leads. The threat increases," they said. So things are surely going to get even more intense as the series carries on.

The official premiere date for Season 2 has yet to be announced by CBS, but if the series 2019 premiere is anything to go by, fans can anticipate new episodes of Evil starting in September.