'Project Runway' Is Already Casting For The Next Season

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

When Project Runway concludes on March 12, fans will be happy to know that Bravo is already planning for the next season. Project Runway Season 19 is likely to follow in Season 18's footsteps and premiere around December 2020. Casting is already open for the new season, and it's not too late to still apply.

The Season 19 application opened in February 2020, and the deadline is April 1. Contestants can apply via this website by sending in photos of themselves, their work, and a video about their workspace and why they want to be on the show. There's also a set of questions that Project Runway hopefuls have to fill out about their fashion background, expertise, design aesthetic, and strengths and weaknesses as a designer. The application also gives us an idea of when to expect Season 19 to air.

Filming is set to run from June 2020 until August 2020 with a finale shoot in late February 2021. That means that the show is likely to air in late 2020 or early 2021, and finish up around March like Season 18 did. After the Season 18 finale, fans can fill the Project Runway-less months ahead with other similar shows.

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Netflix's Next In Fashion stars Alexa Chung and Queer Eye's Tan France as the hosts. The streaming site has the 10-episode first season available where fans can watch 18 designers from around the world compete in fashion and design challenges, create exquisite looks, and hope to become the next in fashion. It's slightly different from Project Runway in that the contestants are already established professionals. So it's less about building a brand and more about becoming the best brand.

Additionally, former Project Runway judge Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn have a show called Making The Cut coming to Amazon Prime that has the same premise as Project Runway. According to Good Housekeeping, a group of 12 designers will compete in fashion challenges for the chance to win a million dollars and the opportunity to design a line with Amazon Fashion. The 10-episode series starts airing on March 27 and will drop two episodes a week until April 24. It's incredibly fortuitous that Making The Cut drops so soon after Project Runway ends. Fans will only have two go two weeks without a fashion design competition show to watch. And if they fill those two weeks with watching Next In Fashion, then they don't have to miss out at all!

Adam Rose/Netflix

There are also other ways to tide yourself over until Project Runway returns, like shopping the Season 18 contestants' styles. The series partnered with the brand Nineteenth Amendment to produce several winning challenge looks, including Geoffrey Mac tie-dye silk gown, Chelsey Carter's yellow turtleneck dress and oversized letterman jacket, Marquise Foster's mixed animal print top and safari skirt, and more styles from the series. The looks are currently open for pre-order and range in price from $155 to $1,270, depending on the item. Orders will ship 8-10 weeks after the pre-order period ends.That should be enough to hold you down until Season 19 premieres.