Chrissy Teigen Has A New Makeup Collection That Is All About Glow, Glow, & More Glow

Say hello to summer in a bottle, compact, and tubes. Chrissy Teigen and Becca Cosmetics are back for an encore of their cosmetics collaboration and the duo is giving you the tools with which to capture dat glow. Their latest partnership is the Chrissy Teigen x Becca Endless Summer Glow Collection. The model, who is also Twitter's fave outspoken celeb, previously teased a shimmering body oil similar to Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Body Lava. Now we have the additional details of Round Two of this popular collab.

And it is indeed popular. Becca told Women's Wear Daily that once the brand announced the collab with Teigen on Instagram, its post engagement increased by 50 percent. Call that "The Teigen Effect!"

Endless Summer Glow is limited edition. It boasts a "three-fer" compact with a highlighter and a bronzer. That has a $38 price tag. There are three Glow Gloss lippie shades, each of which are $22. Move over mattes! It's all about shimmering lips this summer. The body oil, which caused a frenzy of responses when Teigen teased it, will set you back by $42. The inspo for that product? Oh, it's a throwback to the model's Sports Illustrated debut.

The overall aesthetic was inspired by Teigen, hubby John Legend, daughter Luna, and new son Miles taking up temporary residence in Malibu this year. So it's definitely self-referential.

The Endless Summer line is available via and Becca's redesigned website as of June 28. It arrives at Ulta and Nordstrom on July 8. It will drop at Sephora stores on Aug. 3. That's the end of summer and it's actually the perfect time for this suite of products to land on shelves. The collection was engineered to give your skin and features that "endless summer" glow. So as the season begins to fade out and "Back to School" looms, you can continue to glow, baby, glow with the assistance of these pretty products.

Teigen explained how residing by the beach inspired the collection. She told WWD, "We're usually city people, so being out there, I was inspired to have something really beachy, really glowy, something that would have a little bit of effortlessness to it because obviously, as you can hear, I have babies and dogs and anything that makes me feel a little bit sexier is good in my book."

See why she is our queen?!

Her family also factored into the product assortment? Teigen stated that daughter Luna, 2, and husband, John Legend, offered their feedback, opinions, and approval on how things smelled. So if it's Luna-approved, you can totally rock it!

Courtesy of Becca Cosmetics

The essence of summer has been distilled into these products.

It's a small but focused collection of products that foster lots and lots of glow. Throw on a mini dress or short shorts and slather your body with the shimmering oil. Your limbs will love you for it.

The whole collection is for lips, limbs, and cheeks!

1. Glow Body Oil

2. Glow Gloss

3. Endless Bronze & Glow

Courtesy of Becca Cosmetics

There you have it! The collection will maximize your natural beauty and assist you with obtaining safe, beautiful, healthy, and sun-free glow.

Courtesy of Becca Cosmetics

It's usually pretty warm deep into September — you will have all the tools to extend the season and your personal glowosity.