Glow Recipe Is Launching A Skin Care Fridge To Keep Your Masks Super Chilly

There's no shortage of skin care gadgets on the market. From pulsating cleansing brushes to light therapy masks, these are the whos-its and whats-it Ariel was really talking about in The Little Mermaid. The new Glow Recipe x Makeup Fridge collaboration may just be the cutest do-dad to ever launch.

Glow Recipe has teamed up with Makeup Fridge to launch a limited-edition skin care refrigerator, and yes, it's basically the most adorable thing on the planet. If you're already a fan of the K-beauty skin care brand, you likely know that its watermelon-based products are some of its most well-known items. From its OG Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and its 20,000 person waitlist to the Pink Juice Moisturizer to the latest Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist, the brand's pink-hued goodies are as quality as they are pretty in pink. Of course, in what's likely not a coincidence, the new Glow Recipe x Makeup Fridge skin care refrigerator just so happens to be the exact same millennial pink hue.

Its watermelon-based products aren't the only fruit themes you'll find within the K-beauty brand. Pineapple, avocado, and blueberries all call Glow Recipe home, and they'll also call your new skin care fridge home, too, thanks to the adorable inclusion of a sticker set. Slap these sweet stickers on your fridge for a totally customized look.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

Clearly, you'll have the best #shelfies on Instagram, but this is a collaboration between a techy skin care gadget and a brand. Neither are going to forget actual skin care products. When you purchase the Glow Recipe x Makeup Fridge collaboration, you'll also get a mini Watermelon Sleeping Mask, Pink Juice Moisturizer, and a full size Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist to kick off your cold product storage.

Everything, including the Glow Recipe products, stickers, and fridge itself, retails for just $151 and will be available on both the Glow Recipe and Makeup Fridge websites.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

If you have doubts about investing in the skin fridge, there is science to back up why using one may be a good idea. According to Allure, who spoke with dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, one of the major benefits of putting products into a fridge is the extension of their shelf life. This particularly applies to certain ingredients according to Dr. Debra Jaliman. She explains that Vitamin C products, retinols, and items with benzoyl peroxide are all more unstable when exposed to heat and light, thus benefitting from a fridge.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

That doesn't mean you should start throwing every thing inside one. According to The Klog, the blog run by SoKo Glam and Then I Met You founder Charlotte Cho, some ingredients are best left out of the cool environment. Products that have an oil base can seperate and become ineffective, and clay masks can harden and become practically useless. While yes, some products do see benefits from colder storage, it's not actually necessary.

Ultimately, the decision of where to store your skin care is up to you since there are no hard and fast rules (other than maybe don't stick them in a microwave or by a heater). However, this is one thing the Glow Recipe x Makeup Fridge can give you that other collaborations can't: #aesthetics.

If you've ever wanted to make the popular page on Instagram with your color-coded skin care shelfie or impressive collection of cold sheet masks, you likely already have this unique collaboration on your wish list. Happy Instagramming.