Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' Reboot Is Officially Happening & Fans Need It ASAP

If you happen to be a fan of all-things thriller, horror, and suspense, Jordan Peele has something in store that's right up your alley. The writer, director, and actor is executive producing a Twilight Zone reboot, and just like you, everyone has so many questions. Like, when does The Twilight Zone premiere? Or will there be a nod to Peele's 2017 box office hit Get Out in the new series? Because, seriously, this is exactly what fans need right now.

Peele shares the same sentiment, in fact. And according to Variety, the entertainer seems to be just as confused about today's eerie times, if not more, than anyone else. He told the publication, "Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences." Peele will reportedly be teaming up with The X-Men franchise's Simon Kinberg and The Defenders' Marco Ramirez to bring the reboot to life, so you can bet that the revival will be full of action, drama, and all-out kick-assery.

As for when the reboot will premiere, that information hasn't been released as of yet. But seeing as the confirmation for the project comes just a month after CBS' Leslie Moonves announced that a Twilight Zone project was in the works, a late-2018 premiere date would certainly be believable.

And yes — series. According to Deadline, the television series is set to air on CBS All Access' streaming service. Just how many episodes are being ordered by the network hasn't been shared yet, but it's also being reported that Peele is going to collaborate with Kinberg and Ramirez on the premiere episode.

Peele's reboot will mark the third time The Twilight Zone has been revived. The CBS staple first premiered in 1959, and had a five-season run before coming to an end in 1964. Its first reboot aired from 1985 to 1989. It then briefly came back in the early 2000s. According to CBS All Access' EVP of Original Content Julie McNamara — per Deadline — Peele, Kinberg, and Ramierz have been given creative freedom with the project, so the possibilities are endless when thinking about what the trio will cook up.

Along with the overwhelming success of Peele's 2017 thriller flick Get Out, conversations about the horrors of systemic racism were further propelled into mainstream media. And seeing as Peele has been extremely vocal about the film's relevance to the current state of race relations, it will be interesting to see the creator's take on the 1960s' classic.

The anthology series has been called one of the most chilling series of all time, and its influence can be felt in current programs, such as Netflix's Black Mirror and Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story. Having the cultural phenom back in action is a dream come true, but not just for fans, for its current producers as well. Science-fiction aficionado and Peele's partner Kinberg expressed his excitement to be part of such an iconic remake to Deadline, saying, "The Twilight Zone was a touchstone in my life. The opportunity to continue its lineage is a dream come true, and I’m so thrilled to be doing it with Jordan, Marco and the team at CBS All Access."

You can bet that all of the sci-fi enthusiasts will be waiting with bated breath for new information to leak. But in the meantime, you can totally catch episodes of The Twilight Zone all over cable programming stations. It's no secret that Peele is the perfect man for the job, and along with Kinberg and Ramirez, you can sleep well knowing that the iconic series is in the right hands.