Wet N Wild's Perfect Pout Lip Palette Is Coming

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Wet N Wild

The groundhog might have said that six more weeks of winter are on the way, but you wouldn't know that by seeing all the upcoming makeup launches. Looking ahead to brighter days, Wet N Wild's Spring Collection brings the color. Specifically in the lip area. The brand jumped on the trend bandwagon with their Heart To Finish Perfect Pout Lip Palette, but this time it's more affordable than ever. When can you shop the lip set? You don't have much longer to wait.

If you're looking for a sign to go brighter with your lip choices, this is it. Wet N Wild created a 16-shade lip palette called Heart to Finish. Not only are the heart-shaped pans absolutely adorable, but the colors are stunning. There's everything from a white and pale pink to dark reds, which makes it easy to mix your custom lip shade.

The Heart To Finish Perfect Pout Lip palette will be available on Mar. 1. That's also the same date that the rest of their Limited Edition Spring 2017 Collection comes out.

There's no word on when the gorgeous heart-shaped palette will arrive in drugstores, so your best best it to order online. Because the item is limited-edition, you won't want to wait forever to grab yours.

Courtesy Wet N Wild

Ready for the best part? You get the entire palette and a double-sided lip brush for just $5.99. The price breaks down to about $.37 a color. Not to mention all of the custom shades you can get. To say that this is affordable is an understatement.

Courtesy Wet N Wild

It's not the only heart-shaped product in the line either. Wet N Wild has two Mega Glow Highlighting Powders coming out with the pattern as well. The colors are a tad bit unconventional, but play nicely into the bold colored collection. The brand's highlighters are constantly selling out, so you'll want to add these to your virtual cart while you can.

Courtesy Wet N Wild

All in all, it's about to be one bright spring. The fact that you can get these items for such and affordable price makes it easy to try something different. Your lips and your wallet with thank you.