Demi Lovato Just Teased That New Music Is On The Way Really, Really Soon

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Demi Lovato/Twitter

Demi Lovato doesn't waste any time. The singer's most recent album, Tell Me You Love Me, just came out in September 2017, but she's already gearing up for her next musical chapter. So, when is Lovato releasing new music? According to a series of tweets the singer posted on Tuesday, she could be sharing something new in just a few weeks.

After Lovato invited her followers to ask her questions, one fan @gamesvato inquired whether the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer was finished promoting music from her last album. Lovato responded, "Pretty much... I have so much new music to release very VERY soon!!!"

Lovato previously released sassy kiss-off, "Sorry Not Sorry," and the emotional title track as the album's first two singles. @unfazedDemi asked, "so no third single? Give us a third single and then move on," to which Lovato replied, "Nope," and when @ruinthelovatic_ asked if she was hinting at a new single or album, the musician wrote, "Very VERY soon.... could be a matter of weeks actually".

As soon as Lovato tweeted that she would be releasing music much sooner than expected, her followers immediately began voicing their excitement.

@metinthespring responded to Lovato, writing, "WEEKS. GIRL YOU ARE GONNA LEAVE MY BANK ACCOUNT SCREAMING," while @drownxngshadows tweeted, "I'm actually listening to TMYLM and girl am I ready to get scalped with this new material cause it's 100% going to be [fire emoji]".

@Lovatoisqueenxx also said, "The fact that new music from Demi is already coming in just a matter of weeks makes me sooo excited," with a star-eyed emoji.

The news is especially exciting for Lovato's fans, given that the singer has been doling out lots of music recently.

She just dropped a collaboration up with electro-pop outfit Clean Bandit called "Solo" earlier this month, as well as "Fall In Line," a powerful duet with Christina Aguilera, which they recently performed together at the Billboard Music Awards.

The track, taken from Aguilera's forthcoming album, Liberation, showcases the pair's respective vocal talents and sends an empowering reminder to young girls to stand up to injustice. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published Tuesday, Aguilera gushed about Lovato and explained why she was a perfect fit for the track. She said,

"We just fit together like an Oreo cookie. She’s so cute and amazing and we had so many similarities. Like, we’re the same height. She’s the dark-haired version and I’m the blonde-haired version. I also gravitated towards her because I needed a badass girl who could really blow and own the song with me. I needed someone who was gonna lock their knees and dig in deep and grind in there."

Lovato, a longtime fan of Aguilera's, told People recently that when she met the "Accelerate" singer for the first time, neither of them could keep their cool.

"I think the memory that I'll always have of first meeting Christina is when I walked up to her, she screamed," Lovato told the magazine. "And I was like, 'I'm the one that should be screaming. It's you.' And she was like, 'I'm so excited to meet you!' Just, like, over the top in the most innocent, purest way possible."

"Being able to work with her was literally a dream come true," Lovato told People. "She's the sweetest woman — just so gracious. She was so excited when I showed up to the shoot. It was great."

Lovato hasn't released any concrete details about her new music, and at the moment, there's no telling whether or not Aguilera might make an appearance on any of Lovato's songs. But if her tweets are any indication, fans won't have to wait long to find out.