Kat Von D's Cult Fave Liquid Liner Is Getting An Update

Are you ready for "Matte Von D?" Kat Von D teased a potential matte version of black liquid liner a few months back, leaving Kat Von D-evotees wondering how different it would be from the beloved and signature Trooper Tattoo Liner. Well, Kat Von D is definitely doing a matte version of her signature liquid eyeliner. It's dubbed "Inkwell." But don't panic. Don't.

When the tattoo artist and makeup maven originally shared the news that she was trying out new formulas, some of her loyalists were slightly alarmed, since the OG Tattoo Liner is considered a gold, well, black standard in liquid liners and it is perfect as is. You know, if it ain't broke...

Users didn't want it to change and it does't appear to be changing. It seems (and always has seemed) that Von D is creating a new product, not altering one with ardent disciples.

The brand posted a photo of its fearless leader rocking some negative space eyeliner. The image features Kat with her blunt bangs, which she has been slaying for the past few months. The hashtags tell us that a matte Inkwell Kat Von D liner is coming soon. Since the Tattoo Liner is so dark and awesome, I am anxious to experience exactly how this matte version differs.

Regardless, I'm already in, because it's KVD and her liners have proven to be such a hero product for cat eye and flick drawers.

It appears dark, rich, and matte. While KVD's liner shape in this pic is supremely dramatic, the lines do demonstrate that matte AF texture. There is no reason to freak out, because it seems that the Inkwell liner, as it's referred to in the caption, is an extension and addition. Because #options when it comes to black liner are always welcome on these lids.

Fans are eager to try it.

The devotion is unwavering.

Users have expressed their desires, excitement, and hopes.

Back in the winter, KVD noted that she was playing with a few new formulas and was working to create a super-matte, long-wearing, bulletproof liner. It appears that she has achieved her goal.

Squad Goals! These two are about to be joined by a new squad member. I'm both a Tattoo Liner and Ink! Liner enthusiast. The Tattoo version glides so effortlessly across my lids, while I like the control of the felt pen-like tip of the Ink! version. I am stoked to add the matte Inkwell version to my repertoire.