Here's Exactly When KKW Concealer Will Be Restocked — And It's Soon, So Get Ready

Does Kim Kardashian West sleep? If you're a fan of her eponymous makeup brand, you may think she's got an intravenous supply of caffeine. Since March 2018, not only has she launched a collaboration with her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, but the KKW concealer kits debuted to a total sell-out. It's been a busy month for the newfound beauty mogul, and given her recent product launches and sell outs, many fans are now wondering when those same beauty goods are coming back.

For those who missed out on the KKW Concealer Kits, the restock is coming your way sooner rather than later. In fact, it's just around the corner. According to the KKW Beauty social media pages as well as Kardashian's personal social media, the KKW Concealer Kits will be restocked on Apr. 13 at noon PST. If you missed them before, they can officially be yours now.

If you're worried that you'll have to buy a full bundle, don't be. KKW Beauty is restocking all of their individual products in the kits alongside their bundles. If you want to splurge, the full kit will run you a cool $80, but if you only need a single concealer, brightening powder, or setting powder, you can purchase any of these items for $18.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping, however, is the KKW Beauty return policy. While the exclusive launches and restock updates are fun little ways to make fans always want more, the online only products are sometimes hard to gauge in terms of shade, and that makes shopping them difficult. Given that KKW Beauty does not allow returns of products, if you plan to shop this restock, be extra careful when choosing which concealer and powder shades are right for your complexion because uh, they're yours forever (or until you finish them).

You may have missed the restock announcement that came yesterday given how busy Kardashian appears to be. The beauty brand creator didn't just launch her concealer kits in the past few weeks, the KKW x Mario collaboration also came just on its heels.

Before many fans had adequate time to catch their breath from the KKW Concealer Kit launch, Kardashian and Dedivanovic were debuting their collection. With a ten pan eyeshadow palette, a creme lipstick, and two glosses, the collection essentially makes it possible to have a fully Kardashian approved face. While fans have yet to see foundation and blush from the star, she's well on the way to inspiring beauty gurus to do "Full Face of KKW Beauty" videos.

Speaking of those beauty bloggers, they've got their opinions of Kardashian's concealer. Some were blown away by the quality (like Tati Westbrook) while others (like NikkieTutorials and James Charles) had some criticisms for the brand and their latest complexion launch. The reviews, however, are perfect for viewing if you're currently wondering whether or not you want to shop the impending restock.

The plan to restock concealers on Apr. 13 isn't just great for fans who missed them last time, it's also perfect for KKW x Mario fans. Those who weren't lucky enough to scoop up the sold out collection the first time are now waiting for the news of its impending restock, but thanks to KKW, they've got a bit of shopping they can do before that stunning palette hits internet shelves again.

If you've been curious about KKW Beauty's concealers and finally want to give them a try, this is your chance. Mark your calendar for Apr. 13 and set your alarm for noon PST because this kit is coming back at you.