This Is How Much Longer 'Shipwrecked' Is Going To Dominate Your Evenings

Lily Duffield/Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked is back after a seven year hiatus. Hosted by Vick Hope, two teams Team Sharks and Team Tigers will compete to win a cash prize of £50,000 on a deserted island in the Cook Islands. So when is the Shipwrecked final?

We're only a week into the new series and it has definitely delivered on its promise of drama. Luckily, you've got a few more weeks of it, as the final is confirmed for February 15 at 9 p.m. So let'd look at what's happened so far. The original nine contestant have split into two battalions to form their teams Sharks and Tigers. Two new contestants Daisy and Freja joined the ranks and the two teams have been competing for their loyalty. Chris came out to his team saying "I don't go for girls, I go for guys" when Liv showed interest in him and asked him if he fancied anyone. Things got a little Geordie Shore when Liv declared in front of Casey that she "need[s] to fart" and then accidentally pooed herself. Yep. Only one week in and there has already been an "accident".

But as you know with these reality TV shows no one is safe, and Casey was the first contestant to be sent packing. In true dramatic form as he made his exit he used it as an opportunity to stir the pot, telling contestant Big T that she's playing a game and she's fake. Goodness. New arrival Daisy revealed that her luxury items were salt and pepper and a vibrator, because she's either "hungry or horny". Yes, Daisy. This was met with a lot of aggression on twitter and claims that Daisy was an attention seeker. Because of course it's so unheard for women to have sexual desires. C'mon, is it 1919?!

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There has been quite a lot of general backlash to the show with many die hard fans of the show unhappy at the new diluted version. Former first season contestant Joe Stone wrote in The Guardian that from his season "most of the hairy elements were never shown." He elaborated:

"In a crowded field, residual leprosy wasn’t even the least glamorous element. That would have been our longdrop — an open-air, urine-soaked wooden box — the contents of which piled ever higher until, sitting on it, you could feel the heat generated by a heaving mound of maggots below."

Sounds pretty far from the paradise Island this years contestants have. Looks like they've got it pretty good this year, with a camp that was already made and had electricity, which is a far cry from previous seasons where contestants had to build their own houses.

Presenter Vick Hope said that she "expected" the backlash that the show has received. The star told Radio Times:

"If you change anything that someone loved 10 years ago, you’re going to get a little bit of a reaction. Some of the comments were really savage but they didn’t stop watching and that’s what entertainment television is all about.”

You're not wrong Vick.