Rachel Is "Ready" To Be 'The Bachelorette'

Rick Rowell/ABC

There you have it, folks! Rachel Lindsay is America’s newest Bachelorette. Of course, she’s not quite done on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, but it’s safe to say that she and Nick didn’t work out. Rachel went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to spill how she was chosen for Bachelorette, and to give some details about things.

Per Rachel, her season hasn’t even started filming, so there’s nothing really to report. When asked by Kimmel about the fact that it’s a big spoiler that she and Nick didn’t work out and perhaps their hometown date didn’t go so well, Rachel kept things positive, saying “Well, yeah… [but] you know, we’re a couple weeks out from filming [her season]. We’re ready to get this started! We’re ready to get out there!”

She also encouraged more people to apply for her season of The Bachelorette, which a) leads me to believe that they need to do some more casting fast and b) made me wrack my brain to see if I have any attractive, television-worthy single guy friends. (I don’t.) Obviously, Rachel gets dumped on The Bachelor, and when Kimmel asked Rachel how close to her being broken up with was she offered the role of the Bachelorette, Rachel revealed she thought the network's offer was all a joke at first.

“You know, it wasn’t that long after I got off the show that I got approached. I honestly thought they were doing it to make me feel better from the heartbreak. And then as it kept going I realized, 'OK, they're actually serious about this thing."

Oh no, Rachel — we all love you, and we want you to be our Bachelorette (the first black Bachelorette at that).

Other gems from her short television interview? Rachel revealed that she actually likes Corinne (“I’m a Corinne fan! I’m Team Corn!” she said), and she spilled some details about what kind of man she wants to bring home at the end of The Bachelorette. “I’m looking for someone who is ready for what I’m ready for. I’m 31! I want a husband.” She also wants someone who “makes her laugh” and has a “great smile.” Oh, I’m sure that ABC can find a man like that for you, Rachel. Best of luck to this new Bachelorette — she’s going into an experience like she’s never had before, and luckily, she gets to call the shots.