Uniqlo Is Launching BTS Shirts Featuring The CUTEST Characters Created By The Band

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Kim Kardashian may be known for breaking the internet, but she's got some major competition now. K-Pop boy band BTS are a certified phenomenon, and whether they're attending an award show or simply performing, the internet can't seem to get enough. Now, the Uniqlo x BTS BT21 collection is headed fans' way featuring Line Friends created by the band, and it's the perfect way to show that the fandom is in your DNA.

Japanese brand Uniqlo has teamed up with popular messaging app Line and the Korean boy band to launch an entire range of T-shirts. According to a press release from the brand, the new collection is called BT21. If you're not familiar with Line Friends, they're characters used on Line to jazz up a chat. Think of them as emojis with personalities.

Line Friends have been in existence, but they teamed up with BTS to create special characters with each member of the band creating their own. Now, those Line Friends characters are being adapted again thanks to Uniqlo.

The new Uniqlo x BTS BT21 collection will feature 8 characters over 11 different T-shirt designs, and if you're a fan of BTS and want to get your hands on the new tees, you don't have long to wait.

Courtesy of Uniqulo

According to the brand, the new BT21 Collection will debut on June 21 with products coming up for on the Uniqlo website as well as at Uniqlo stores. The short turn around time for the launch of the product is coupled by even more good news. The tees are actually affordable. Each of the Uniqlo BT21 tees will retail for $14.90, and if you're curious about the sizing, the tees come in men's measurements and begin at a size XS and extend to a size 3XL (but note that the 3XL is only available online at Uniqlo's website).

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The new Uniqlo BT21 collection offers US fans a chance to easily purchase merch inspired by the band, and while they have been together as a band for some time, their popularity in the United States has continued to grow year after year.

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In 2019 alone, the band has seen some major accomplishments on the American music scene. Just a few weeks ago, the brand teamed up with Halsey to launch a new single and BTS performed the new single live on stage at the Billboard Music Awards. Couple that with an ultra-successful performance on Saturday Night Live and their first appearance at the Grammys, and this band is having one hell of a 2019.

Courtesy of Uniqlo

If you're a huge BTS fan and want to shop the new Uniqlo x BTS BT21 collection, mark your calendar for June 21. With BTS's popularity only growing and the prices of the tees so low, they won't last long. You don't want to be the fan that missed out on snagging one of these ultra-cute tees.