Kylie Is Finally Restocking Her New Lipsticks & Here's How To Get One

While some may be speculating when Kylie Jenner will announce her alleged pregnancy, Kylie Cosmetics fans are much more concerned about the youngest Jenner's brand. On the heels of another sell-out, fans of Jenner's eponymous brand are wondering when the Kylie Cosmetics' Silver Series Lipsticks will restock. Well, there's good news in the New Year, fans. Jenner is bringing back one of her most popular products in celebration of 2018's inception.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, a Silver Series Lipstick restock is set for Jan. 5, which means you don't have long to wait until you can get one of the gorgeous cream formula lippies. Unlike the last restock, though, there appears to be no caveat about only select lipsticks restocking. As of press time, it appears that all 20 of the Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks will restock, and it's definitely time to snag them while you can.

Why so many restocks? Well, the lippies were kind of the sleeper hit of the Silver Series. During the debut of the brushes, lipsticks, and concealers, all attention appeared to be on the shade range of the complexion product and the price of the brushes. The internet seems to have glossed over the lipsticks, and that appears to have been a mistake.

Everyone seemed to want to get their hands on the brand new Kylie product. While the brushes and concealers remained available, the Silver Series lipsticks sold out in mere minutes. All twenty gone. Poof. It was like Jenner magic — and fans didn't seem happy about it. From those wanting Jenner to incorporate more stock to frustration that sell-outs have become so common, fans were displeased.

During the first restock, fans seem upset again. Why? Not all of the lipsticks restocked at one time. Clearly, Jenner wanted to get products back out to her fans, but on such a limited turn around time, getting them all back in stock seems to have no been possible. Instead, the brand restocked eight lipsticks. Some fans appear to have missed the announcements that not all the shades were coming back and were subsequently disappointed.

For this restock, that doesn't seem to be the case. During the last restock, the brand was up front about not restocking all of the lippies and posted that information to social media. This time, there's been no such announcement, so if there's a shade that has been sold out for weeks that you absolutely must have, mark your calendar for Jan. 5 and keep your eyes peeled to the Kylie Cosmetics' social media pages for a update on the specific time of the restock.

Regardless of the sell-out fanfare, though, should you even shop the lipsticks? Are they worth it? Thankfully, Kylie Cosmetics sends out PR packages to beauty gurus who give their subscribers the truth about the products, and the consensus seems to be pretty good.

According to vloggers like Laura Lee, Tati Westbrook, and Nicol Concilio, the lipsticks are creamy and comfortable to wear, but also incredibly opaque. With a swipe or two, the color is perfectly deposited on your lips. If you love beauty vloggers and trust their opinions, it seems like the Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Lipsticks are, in fact, worth your cash. Plus, you can see swatches of every lippie in the videos giving you the perfect way to choose the shade — or shades — you want.

Mark your calendar for Jan. 5, Kylie Cosmetics fans because the Silver Series is coming back. Based on previous restocks and the initial launch, these bullet lipsticks won't last long. Have your credit card ready and be prepared to rumble for these beauties.