The Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Lipsticks Sold Out Again & Fans Are Not Happy

Kylie Cosmetics has been under quite a bit of scrutiny lately. The price of her Silver Series brush set practically lit the internet on fire, but now, there seems to be more brewing for the brand. The Kylie Cosmetics' Silver Series lipstick restock was not quite what fans were expecting, and they're not exactly happy on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Dec. 20, the Kylie bullet lipsticks restocked, but there were a few things that unsettled Kylie Jenner's fans. The first thing on their minds: the speed at which the lipsticks sold out. During the initial launch, the lipsticks allegedly sold out in under half an hour leaving many fans out in the cold. Thankfully, Jenner promised a soon to come restock. Now, it's happened, but yet again, the lipsticks sold out in seemingly record time, and Twitter users and lipsticks lovers are certainly displeased.

The second issue? Some fans believe that Jenner did not restock every lipstick. Unfortunately, this is true, but it's not because of misleading marketing. Jenner announced on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and Twitter that only eight of the 20 Silver Series lipsticks would be restocked on Wednesday. The limited restock may have played a part in the quick sell-out, but either way, fans aren't happy.

Following the restock, Jenner's customers began taking to social media to voice their concerns regarding the way the Silver Series lipstick restock happened. Many were unhappy with how fast they were gone, and others chalked it up to Jenner not producing enough stock despite demand for the lippies being high (given their incredible sell-out rate during the launch).

According to some fans, the lipsticks were gone in less than a minute.

Others are clearly getting frustrated that more product is allegedly not being produced despite the high demand for them.

Some fans appear angry with the business model of restocking products which ultimately causes frustration as they attempt to shop.

Others were upset that all 20 of the Silver Series lipsticks didn't restock.

Not all shoppers appear to have realized that all of the lipsticks would not be restock, and unless you were paying ultra close attention to Jenner's social media announcement, it was an easy mistake to make.

Others fans were upset but were more positive, simply suggesting that Jenner extend her restocks — presumably by increasing her product numbers.

Products selling out isn't exactly a new phenomenon for Kylie Cosmetics fans, but limited restocks are a bit different for the brand. However, Jenner's Silver Series lipstick launch was one of her biggest yet. With 20 lipstick shades coming all at one time, restocking all in such a short period of time would certainly be difficult. Only Butterscotch, Crush, Infatuation, Angel Cake, Crème Brûlée, Raspberry Charlotte, Passion and Madeleine made the cut for the first restock.

The limited replenishment may be a way to explain the quick sell-out times that fans experienced. Tons of Jenner fans seemed to shop the restock, and with all of them scrambling to get a lipstick and only eight shades available, there was certainly less to go around overall.

If you wanted to shop a Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series lipstick and weren't able to do so or your favorite wasn't restocked this time, don't worry too much. Jenner is never one to ignore the notes her fans give her — she publicly responded to the kerfluffle over the Silver Series brushes. The brand has announced that another restock will be happened, and it will likely include the shades that weren't in the first replenishment. If you want to shop the bullet lipsticks, keep your eyes peeled to the brand's social media because it's well on its way.