Don't Worry, More Christmas Movies Are Coming To Netflix *Very* Soon

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‘Tis the season to catch up on all of great holiday movies, whether traditional theater release films or the made-for-TV classics. Considering the recent success of Netflix holiday originals like A Christmas Prince, it's only natural to wonder when Netflix will be getting more Christmas movies. Surely, the selection that we have right now can't be the end of it... right?

Breathe a little easier, because the streaming service is as dedicated to the spirit of the holidays as you are to wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Of course, these options aren't necessarily going to go as viral as A Christmas Prince, which, according to a recent Netflix tweet, was watched by 53 people every day for 18 days straight. Though the phenomenon of everyone's obsession with that holiday movie is both delightful and a little alarming, A Christmas Prince, and other options like The Santa Clause or Trolls Holiday Special, are far from the only movies you can watch on the streaming network this month.

In fact, Netflix will debut Christmas Inheritance, a brand new film, on Dec. 15. The trailer for the movie indicates that it follows a socialite named Ellen Langford, who enjoys the party scene and doesn't exactly have life all figured out. But things take a turn when Ellen learns that she may eventually inherit her father's company. In an effort to earn his trust, Ellen reluctantly agrees to deliver Christmas letters to her uncle, who lives her father's small hometown of Snow Falls. However, the spirit of her father's hometown will help her to learn more about her family's company and, in turn, force her to focus on the things that matter most in life. And, of course, love is in the air, because Ellen falls for a young man along the way. So, basically, Christmas Inheritance will give you all the feels you've come to expect from the holiday genre.

The next Christmas film coming to the streaming site is Miss Me This Christmas, which features Survivors' Remorse actor Erica Ash and America's Next Top Model 3rd Cycle winner Eva Marcille. The movie will come to Netflix on Dec. 19, is about a couple named Regina and Franklin, who have recently decided to part ways. Their divorce becomes final on Christmas Day, but then they're both unsure if the relationship is truly over — even, and especially, when Regina begins to fall for another man.

Another holiday film dropping on Dec. 19 is the TV One original movie, You Can’t Fight Christmas, which follows a designer and Christmas super fan named Leslie Major, who fights to keep holiday traditions intact at the famous Chesterton Hotel. After she meets the hotel owner's nephew Edmund, Leslie works tirelessly to hold on to the joy of Christmas — and gain Edmund's affections.

Watching holiday movies is a tradition as sacred to people as sending Christmas cards and putting up lights. Thankfully, technology has marched on past the days of traditional television viewing, and the digital age has introduced a lot of streaming options for people who want to watch the holiday movies of their choice when they want to watch them. Netflix has pretty much become the place to go when it comes to excellent Christmas content, providing options for the whole family.

With just a few weeks left in the holiday season, these movies may not be available for very long, so you should probably watch them before the end of December. After all, Christmas movies always make for magical moments and are good way to help you get into the spirit, whether you prefer to watch them alone or in the company of close family and friends.