Here’s How This Week’s ‘Catfish’ Couple Is Doing After Airing Their Issues


Nev and Max are back at it again, mending relationships, chasing internet enigmas across the country, and investigating if they really are who those profile pictures say they are. And in the July 25 episode of MTV's Catfish, there were even more people involved than usual. Spoilers ahead! At the end of the episode, the couple in question obviously were not planning on pursuing a romantic relationship with each other, though they didn't exactly end on ugly terms. So where are Breana and Joshua from Catfish now?

Update Aug. 2, 2018: Breana tells Bustle that Joshua is now out of transitional housing and "doing a lot better." She adds that she does in fact have an Instagram account you can find here.

While Breana is a bit difficult to find on social media — not all that surprising, given the fact that she only divulges that she's from Minnesota and doesn't offer a last name on-air — it looks like Joshua is on Instagram and Facebook, and was tagged in the comments of one of Catfish's Instagram posts about the episode. Instagram is locked down pretty tight, and his last name is different on Facebook now, but some of the photos Breana showed Max and Nev during the episode are still visible within his profile.

Even without any social media evidence, though, fans can probably safely assume that Breana is doing well. In her check-in with Max and Nev at the end of the episode, she looked radiant and happy, and was still communicating with Joshua, but this time in a friendly capacity.

The two had talked for a whopping 11 years after meeting on MySpace when they were teenagers, and Joshua told Breana for quite some time that they were exclusively together, that he wasn't dating anyone else, and that they would one day get married. The catch was that he'd only video chat in a dimly lit room, and he would never come to visit her despite the fact that she offered to pay for travel.

Even after investigating his profiles and determining that he likely wasn't using fake photos, doubts still linger for Max and Nev. They call a random selection of girls from his friends' list, and all of them say that they're dating, echoing a lot of the same sentiments that Breana has already told them. It quickly becomes obvious this guy is playing with them.

They eventually meet up after doing a bit of traveling, and Joshua is revealed to be the person from the photos once and for all. He also claims he isn't as unfaithful as he seems, but that financial issues, including homelessness and living at a transitional house, have impeded his ability to have a real relationship with Breana. Breana sympathizes, but ultimately can't let go of the fact that other girls have been strung along just as she has been.

After Joshua apologizes and acknowledges that he's heard some hard truths that he hopes will help him become a better person, they part ways. "I appreciate the fact that you apologized," Breana says. "It's not easy to say this. You're a very intelligent man; you're good with your words. But I don't think we should date."

At the check-in, Joshua is unavailable to be reached, but Breana says he's still in the transitional home at the time of filming, and that she's in contact with him as much as she'd be with any friend who needs a little support. She also adds that she's single, and happy about it. The road to get there was messy, to say the least, but both Breana and Joshua came away with a friendship, and that's more than plenty of other Catfish stars can say.