You’ve Never Held A Grudge As Long As This Week’s ‘Catfish’ Culprit


Spoilers for the Feb. 28 episode of Catfish. Levels of petty reached a new high on this week's Catfish. Infiniti of New York City was convinced that Dave, who she'd been talking to for months, was a real person who resided in her same city, and was just unwilling to meet up with her due to a busy work schedule and a lot of travel. (Oh, and she also hadn't talked to him on the phone before.) In the end, ultimately, it was revealed that her friend Nelly was the one behind the whole thing to begin with. The kicker, though, is that this was all some weird, high school-rooted revenge plot. So what are Nelly and Infiniti from Catfish doing now?

Infiniti noted on the show that she's not on Facebook, and seemed to mostly use Instagram. When I sleuthed, however, it was nearly impossible to find Nelly and Infiniti on Instagram — they hadn't "liked" or commented on any of the Catfish materials that had been promoting their episode, and nobody who was featured on the show had shared promos or commented on Facebook, nor retweeted or replied to Catfish on Twitter, at the time I had checked.

The two seem to be friends after the show, though, even though Nelly tricked Infiniti. Let me back up — initially, Nev and Max tracked down who they thought was Dave, and arranged to meet up with him in New York. It turned out to be Ray, a friend of Infiniti's who had run in the same social circle for years. He claimed that he had been catfishing her while posing as Dave because he was a "secret admirer" of sorts, but that he had a steady girlfriend now, so they had to break things off. Infiniti was angry and confused at that point, but it only got worse from there.

Later in the episode, Nev received a call from a friend of Ray's who said that he actually wasn't the catfish, and had instead taken the fall for someone else. The friend said that Infiniti needed to talk to Jenielle — aka Nelly — to get the full story. They invited Nelly over to talk to Infiniti under the ruse of needing her to comfort her friend over the heartbreak of Ray. When they confronted her, though, she confirmed that she had been Dave the entire time. Yikes.

Nelly claimed that she initially made the profile because back in high school — yes, you read that correctly — Infiniti had given Nelly's number to a guy as a joke, and apparently, things got weird. That was all in the past and had long been resolved, but apparently Nelly still held a grudge over it. Exacting revenge on someone in your adult life over something that happened in high school seems pretty unreasonable, but hey, we weren't there — maybe it really caused some Nelly some grief when it happened.

It soon became clear, too, that Nelly isn't a bad person. She claimed she just meant it as a joke, but as the months went on, she found herself in too deep and didn't know how to stop. It also made her insecure, she said, that Infiniti was sharing things with "Dave" that she wasn't sharing with Nelly — they were supposed to be best friends, and she felt like she was trusting a random guy more than her. I think we can all understand that insecurity, even if we wouldn't catfish one of our friends.

When Nev and Max checked in with Infiniti and Nelly after two months had gone by since filming wrapped, and they were actually on vacation together in Miami, looking happy. Infiniti even said she had a "new boo," and Nelly swore it wasn't her this time, which is definitely for the best. Hopefully this grudge has been buried for good.