Glamlite Is Extending Its Pizza Palette Collection & The New Eyeshadows Come In Pizza Slices

When Glamlite Cosmetics launched its game-changing pizza palette, beauty fans were craving a slice of the pie. Now they can literally get one with Glamlite’s new Pizza Slice Eyeshadow Palettes coming this summer. Don’t be surprised if your mouth starts to water at the sight of the packaging, because it all looks delicious.

Glamlite Cosmetics is an indie beauty brand that first made a splash among beauty lovers with its pizza lashes and an 18-shade eyeshadow palette inspired by a medium sized pizza pie. And for summer 2019, the indie beauty brand is planning to extend its famed food-inspired product into a full collection with two smaller Pizza Slice Eyeshadow palettes.

The brand posted to its Instagram page to tease the new yummy collection, which consists of two 10-shade palettes. One palette is dubbed the Veggie Lovers palette and the other is named Meat Lovers.

“This delicious collection features two 10 color palettes: Veggie Lovers & Meat Lovers, with an entirely different color scheme than the original Pizza Palette,” the brand wrote under the Instagram post, “(think lots more ultra vibrant shimmers!!!) Coming Summer 2019! What toppings are you hoping to see?”

Glamlite's first pizza-themed palette was shaped like a full pie. Since it came with 18 shades, each slice had three, complementary colors to help the user navigate all those options. However, although there were so many colors in the original pizza palette, there were only four shimmer shades, so the ultra vibrant shimmers the brand mentions in these new Pizza Slice Palettes are definitely something to get excited about.

Each of the new palettes come in the shape of a personal pizza slice and also includes a mirror on the inside. The brand has left fans in the dark about the shades that will be included, but Glamlite did give a glimpse at the names in the Meat Lovers Pizza Slice Palette. Some of "toppings" in the Meat Lovers palette include meatball, pepperoni, Basil, sausage, chopped red peppers, red onions, and sausage. As for the Veggie Palette, there's no word on the shades inspired by toppings, but no one would be surprised if a vibrant spinach shade or dark mushroom shimmer appeared.

Although there's no exact launch date for these new slices, Fortunately, fans can still buy the original pizza palette.

Not only is Glamlite bringing new eyeshadow, but it's also planning to restock its Pizza Lashes. On March 29, the brand posted on Instagram saying "RESTOCK ALERT!!! OUR HIGHLY REQUESTED PIZZA LASHES WILL BE LIVE ON OUR SITE 3.29.19 AT 8AM PST (or 12 PM EST) Set your clock, these beauties sold out in under 72 hours!!!"

According to the post, the Pizza Lashes are made from high quality synthetic silk, cruelty free, vegan and reusable up to 15 times. Each pair retail for $12 in five varying styles. Fans can choose from Brooklyn Style, Hawaiian, Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, and Margherita.

With more Pizza Lashes and Pizza Palettes on the way, this might just be Glamlite's cheesiest launch yet.