A Pumpkin Spice Palette Exists & It Is PERFECT For Fall

Maybe there's not a chill in the air just yet, and you probably haven't gotten out your blanket scarf either. However, that doesn't mean it's not time to embrace autumn, and Makeup Geek's Pumpkin Spice palette is basically fall on your face. If you were looking to do more than just drink your daily PSL while you wait for the weather to finally cool down, this new eyeshadow palette may just be the perfect way to add just a bit of that iconic PSL spice to your makeup look.

If you haven't been shopping Makeup Geek, you totally should be. The brand, founded by YouTuber and influencer Marlena Stell, was one of the very first influencer-created brands on the market, and it's since seen pretty incredible success creating everything from eyeshadows to lip products to blushes and bronzers. Now, the select items from the brand are even inside Target store if you want to shop in person.

One of their latest additions is basically every fall lovers makeup dream come true. The Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice palette is a nine pan eyeshadow palette filled with warm hues in multiple finishes that will pretty much make you look like your bathed in pumpkin everything, but in the best way possible.

If you just have to have everything pumpkin-themed, the Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice palette is your makeup answer. Where can you shop it? It's available right now on the Makeup Geek Cosmetics website. The best news about the palette, though (other than the fact that's is PSL-themed), is that it's totally on sale! Currently, if you head over to the brand's website, you'll see that the original cost of the palette is $62, but it's reduced by almost half price and is now ringing in at only $35. For these shadows that are both high quality, cruelty-free, and made stateside, that's a total steal.

Inside the palette, you'll find nine shadows from the brand, and while seven of them are already existing colors, two are exclusive to the palette. Dreamsicle is an peach matte shade, and Jack-O-Lantern is a vibrant, shimmer coral orange hue. Plus, if you love warm tones and haven't shopped Makeup Geek in the past, this palette kind of seems like the ideal place to stat shopping.

Makeup Geek isn't alone in creating pumpkin themed or inspired goods, though. They join a throng of other brands who want to help you embrace everything you love about fall. Just this week, Summer Fridays launched their new Overtime Mask, and while not a directly fall-inspired product, a key ingredient in the skin care product is pumpkin which helps to hydrate and nourish your skin. Then, there's deodorant brand Native that has brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte deodorant. Yes, really. Now you can also sweat PSL if you want.

If, however, PSL deodorant just doesn't seem like your thing, and you want something more directly fall-inspired than the Summer Fridays mask, Makeup Geek's Pumpkin Spice palette may just be the product for you.