9 Vacation Destinations For September That Will Have The Best Weather

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Camping in the mountains. Summer hike. View from a tourist tent on a peak. Guy in trekking boots

If you've just about had enough of this hot, hot, heat we're calling weather, you're probably looking forward the fall simply because it will bring with it much more comfortable temperatures. And though you probably had in your mind that with September would come some relief from the heat, I feel like I should remind you that September is often just as hot as August, especially in places like New York, Texas, and California. So instead of blowing all of your hard earned vacation savings on yet another local beach trip, head to a place where there is nice weather in September for a quickie fall vacation.

Here I've rounded up a collection of locations that will be serving a cool average of 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of September. This perfect temperature will give you the opportunity to spend time outside, enjoying the last licks of summer, without worrying that you're melting or burning alive. Before you know it, it will be too cold to enjoy spending heaps of time outside, so get some sunlight while you can and enjoy the end of summer in one of these anti-summer vacation locations. Just don't forget to pack the sunscreen, because even though it's cooler, it's still summer.

Grand Canyon, Arizona


No offense to school-aged kids, but September is the perfect time of year to visit the Grand Canyon because the summer crowds are back in school and all of the main trails are still open. Enjoy the dessert with a more comfortable temperature, and enjoy the trails with a much more sparse crowd.

Acadia National Park, Maine


Maine is great year-round, but toward the end of the summer, the coastal state cools down quite a bit and makes outdoor activities way more tolerable. Go hiking at Acadia National Park, spend time on the coast eating fresh seafood and enjoying water sports just as the summer crowds leave town.

Amenia, New York


This idyllic upstate New York town is 90 percent stunning farmland and 10 percent adorable inns and restaurants and shops. Stay at Troutbeck, see a movie at the local drive in theater, and pick all the berries you can without any of the summer crowds.

Zürich, Switzerland


In September, this stunning city has temperatures in the high 60s and is still offering clear-skied sunny days for you to travel around, enjoying crowd-free tourist spots. Or, if you prefer to spend time sailing the river or enjoying water activities, you'll be able to do so at a more affordable price as this is the beginning of Zurich's shoulder season.

Munich, Germany


Head to Munich by the end of September and take part in Oktoberfest. Though you won't be avoiding any crowds (as you can imagine, this city gets very packed during this event) you will get to enjoy an iconic and historic festival and enjoy Germany at a comfortable temperature.

Québec City, Canada


Just as the summer crowds leave, and right before the holiday crowds arrive, Québec City shines. Come September, this city fills with bountiful farmers markets, reasonable hotel rates, and very comfortable temperatures that make long days on pavement more doable than ever.

Amritsar, India


Golden temples, iconic architecture, art, culture, and more, and it's all yours in September because Amritsar and India are officially in their shoulder season. You'll find lower travel rates, comfortable temperatures, low humidity and more sights than you can fit into your itinerary.

Nantucket, Massachusetts


Come September, this perfect summer island takes on a totally new vibe. With the vacationers heading back to the mainland, the temperatures dropping and the beaches clearing out, this bustling hot spot becomes a low-key paradise. Wait 'til September and get Nantucket to yourself, it's worth it.

Vashon Island, Washington


This Washington inlet island is only accessible via ferry, which makes it incredibly remote and unique. Though the Pacific Northwest might thrive year round, the cooler and dryer air that comes with September makes being there even more enjoyable. If you're looking for some end-of-summer peace, Vashon island is ideal.