Where To Buy Gisele's Brady's Ladies Jersey

Gisele Bündchen is pretty well-known for loving all things Patriots. When she's not tossing a football around with her hubby, Tom Brady, she's cheering the team on fan-girl style from the stands. Or, you know, casually wearing a Brady's Ladies jersey with all her friends.

The former model showed off this cute look on Instagram hours before the big game — and it kind of made me want to pick up a jersey for myself. Because hey, I might not get to hang out with the best quarterback in the game. And I may not be best friends with Bündchen (I promise, I will come to terms with this). But a girl can pretend — or at least rock a cute shirt.

The white jerseys had "Brady's Ladies" emblazoned across the back where a player's last name would usually be. They also featured an emblem, looked super comfy, and were quite obviously the perfect thing to wear during the big game.

While it hasn't been announced where Bündchen got her adorable jersey, it is possible to pick up some Tom Brady gear on These jerseys may not be as cute, they're still a great way to show support for the New England team.

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Whether you love the Patriots or not, the cuteness in this photo is sure to make you stock up on some gear.

Even her daughter, Vivian, had one. So cute.

Image: Gisele Bundchen/Instagram