Meghan Markle Just Wore A Classic Rom-Com T-Shirt & You Can Buy It For $20

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Meghan Markle basically has Givenchy on speed dial. She's worn custom pieces from Dior and has a coat collection that could probably buy you a car. That doesn't mean the Duchess of Sussex doesn't appreciate a good casual piece, though. In fact, Meghan Markle's Sixteen Candles tee she wore on an outing with husband Prince Harry isn't just ultra-casual and cute, it's also super affordable.

According to style website Meghan's Mirror, Markle stepped out in London on March 29 with her husband to visit Ila's Apothecary, a natural and organic skin care shop. Obviously, the visit wasn't part of any official royal outing, but that didn't stop photographers from capturing photos of the soon-to-be parents. Of course, thanks to the laid back nature of their trip away from the palace grounds, Markle may have just worn her most casual look ever.

While out, the Duchess of Sussex had her husband's army style coat on, but underneath, she wore a white Sixteen Candles themed tee. The shirt featured an illustration of romantic lead Jake Ryan in front of his red Porsche, an iconic scene from some of the last moments of the film. If you've seen the classic John Hughes movie, the scene will immediately come to mind, but you can check out photos of Markle's Sixteen Candles tee here.

Not only does Markle's tee prove that she's a rom com fan just like you, but you can also definitely cop the shirt for yourself. According to Meghan's Mirror, the Jake Ryan shirt is available on RedBubble. Plus, there are tons of options for the product. There's both a women's fit and a men's style shirt (in both crew and v-neck) which means you can pick how you'd like the shirt to fit.

As for what else Markle wore with the tee, the images of she and Prince Harry are unclear when it comes to what sort of pants she may have been wearing, but there was one sweet addition to the look that the Duchess has been rocking lately.

If you follow Markle closely, you'll know that she had a baby shower in New York City back in February. During the shower, which was organized by none other than Markle's BFFs tennis star Serena Williams and stylist Jessica Mulroney, the Duchess received several gifts, and she's been spotted in one of them a few times since the shower. Markle's Jennifer Meyer "Mummy" necklace was a gift from someone at the event, and she wore the piece of jewelry with her Sixteen Candles tee on Friday.

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Her outing to Ila's Apothecary, however, isn't he only time she's worn the shower gift. Markle also wore the piece to a WE Day appearance with Prince Harry in March when he unexpectedly pulled her up on stage. Before that, she wore it when she was actually leaving her baby shower in February. Clearly, when it comes to casual accessories, her "Mummy" necklace may be a new staple.

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Unfortunately, Markle's "Mummy" necklace is going to hit you right in the wallet with its over $800 price tag. Thankfully, though, there's always the Duchess's Jake Ryan tee.