This New Tights Brand Is Taking On The One-Size-Fits-All Nonsense In The BEST Way

Snag Tights

Finding the right kind of hosiery can be a nightmare. Sadly, most shops offer only a boring opaque black pair in a limited size range (usually just small, medium and large), meaning there's little wiggle room for people who don't fit into those narrow categories. This is a problem that newa new body-positive tights brand is determined to address. Here's where to buy Snag tights and get your stockings on in style.

Snag Tights was created by Brie Read to cater to anyone who wants to wear tights, regardless of their size, height, gender, or any other factor. Read often found it difficult to find tights herself, which is part of the reason she cleverly cooked up her own all-inclusive brand.

"Traditional tights vary in length, but not by width — so it can be a real struggle for women who don't have a ‘normal’ body shape to find tights that fit," explains Read. "For many of these women, a lack of tights that fit properly can lead to a major restriction in clothes that can be worn with comfort and confidence."

The online-only retailer is based in Edinburgh, and began in 2018. At the moment, the tights are available exclusively from their website, with percentage discounts applied with the more that you buy. Delivery is reasonable, ranging from free delivery on orders over £15, £1.75 for orders under £15, and £2.50 for tracked, 48-hour delivery. Impressively, Snag Tights has already garnered more than 13,000 followers on Instagram, and sold over 200,000 pairs of tights in its first 10 months of trading last year. One of the biggest reasons it has been so successful is because of its body positive ethos (which includes using models of all shapes and sizes); something that is fairly unique in the hosiery sector.

"At Snag, our tights are designed by women for women, and cater to all different shapes and sizes — from very tiny to super curvy," Read says. "We listen to our customers and create tights which will allow them to love their bodies and express their personalities by the way they dress."

Not only do the Snag Tights team have a great energy behind them, they also sell some really cool, diverse designs. All their tights range from size four to size 28+, and they come in a variety of height, waist, and body shapes. Snag Tights dismiss the "one size fits all" rule that traditional hosiery brands have always touted.

The colours and denier of the styles range greatly, from classic thick black tights to bright reds and sheer caramel. What's more, Snag Tights is about to expand its line to include even more colour options.

"Following the high demand for Snag tights in 2018, we have decided to expand our core collection to include even more exciting colours," explains Read. "We can’t wait to launch the new collection and hear what our customers think!”

The brand's new collection has six new 80-denier colour shades, which are: Beach Bum (Aqua), Shepherds Delight (Red), Suffragette Purple (Purple), Raspberry Pie (Pink), Hit the Bottle (Green) and Pumpkin Spice (Orange). And at only £6.99 per pair, I guarantee you'll want to pick up more than one shade!

You can shop for Snag Tights at and learn more about the brand and their inspirational messaging on their Instagram page.