Tarte's Shape Tape Line Is Getting Bigger & The Newest Product Is The PERFECT Addition

When it comes to most well-loved products among beauty junkies, there seems to be no concealer than can top Tarte Shape Tape. The full coverage concealer is a best seller for Tarte and at Ulta, and now the line is growing. Tarte Shape Tape setting powder is here, and its not even alone. The brand is working to futher expand its Shape Tape line, and lovers of the concealer are sure to want to get their hands on the new powder.

A Shape Tape Setting Powder isn't the first time that the brand has taken their now iconic product and crafted something new. Earlier this year, the brand launched their Shape Tape foundation in two different formulations. While there was major criticism surrounding the launch given what many cited as an extremely poor shade range, the brand still appears committed to giving many customers what they want, and that's more Shape Tape themed products. Now, the classic concealer has a buddy that makes so much sense.

Unless you're somehow blessed with the ability not to have your under eyes crease (in which case, BOO HISS!), you probably set your concealer with a powder. Now, you can do so with Tarte Shape Tape Setting Powder.

Given Shape Tape's reputation as one of the best concealers on the market, what does the Shape Tape Setting Powder claim to do? Well, a lot. Not only will the powder make your makeup perfectly matte and smooth, but it will also absorb excess oil. If oil isn't an issue for you, don't worry, there are other claims as well. The brand claims that the powder also "diffuses light" which helps make the skin look radiant while not giving that awful flashback you see in photos taken with flash.

Currently, the powder comes in two translucent shades one being a near white powder and the other being a tan-deep powder. Inside both compacts, customers will find a net shifter meant to disperse the perfect amount of product without creating a powdery mess all over your vanity.

As for the price, the powder comes in a little bit more expensive than the concealer itself. A jar of the powder retails for $34 for 12 grams of product. That's $7 more than the Shape Tape Concealer. However, beauty fans probably already know that the concealer lasts for quite a while, and the powder is bound to do the same.

Of course, the powder isn't he only item you should be shopping from Tarte to celebrate the expansion of Shape Tape. There's also a new brush that should be added to your collection. Tarte's Setting SuperPower brush is a sleek, gold brush with ultra-cute pink bristles that you'll definitely want to display on your vanity. The best news, though, is that, according to the brand, it's perfect for setting your under eye after using Shape Tape concealer and setting powder.

The brush, like the powder, retails for more than the Shape Tape Concealer retailing for $32. However, unlike products which will eventually run out, with high quality brushes, you can actually keep them for years. That means $32 for a brush over a two to three year time span is actually not so bad after all.

If you want to shop the new members of the Tarte Shape Tape family, there's good news. All of the products are available right now. Simply head over to the Tarte website or to Ulta's website, and you'll be able to snag the powder, brush, and of course, your latest refill of Shape Tape concealer. Now, fans just simply have to wait to see what's next from the line.