Here's Where To Get Willow, The Smart Breast Pump


A smart robot breast pump called Willow has gone viral recently, and for good reason — it could totally change the breastfeeding game. But if you've been wondering where to get the Willow smart robot breast pump, I have some bad news: As of right now, this super useful and innovative pump isn't available for purchase. I have good news, too, though: It appears that the product will be released in Spring 2017, meaning we only have a few months to wait — and when it finally arrives, we'll be ready.

As you might expect, Willow will be available on the device's website when it's finally for sale; what's more, while you're waiting, you can go to Willow's official website and sign up for an email alert that will let you know when the product is available to buy. As of this writing, Willow will retail for $429 for a set of two pumps.

Click Here For Willow's Official Website

What's so notable about Willow? It pumps your milk for you, so your hands are kept free — which, in turn, allows you to go about other tasks in your life at the same time. The pumps sit in your bra and don't require cords or strings of any kind. You charge them once a day on average, with each charge lasting for about a day's worth of pumping.

Click Here For Willow's Official Website

Even cooler? You can connect them to an app on your phone that tells you how much milk you've pumped so far, which will be incredibly useful for pumping milk ahead of time storing it in a fridge or freezer for later. To make this entire process even easier, the pumps come apart into two separate pieces that you can wash in your dishwasher.

In short, they have the potential to be a real game-changer for people who breastfeed. A product that allows you to pump under your shirt while you're otherwise occupied makes things way easier — and anything that makes the complicated nature of parenting easier is a major bonus.