If You Didn't See The Solar Eclipse On Monday, These Photos Will Soothe Your FOMO

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you did not experience the eclipse anywhere within the path of totality, the best part of the whole experience for you was probably going inside after it was all over and looking at all the total eclipse pictures and videos online. Not all views were made equal, and let's be real, while the whole experience was magical and communal and fun no matter where you were, some places had the best views of the 2017 solar eclipse and it's super hard not to be jealous of their experience.

Sure the footage helps you to get a idea, but it's impossible to know what it's actually like to feel the air grow cooler, to hear the bugs and birds chirp with confusion and look at the sun's atmosphere without glasses and really get immersed into the phenomenon. It's definitely one of those you had to be there moments and I can admit that I really wish I found a way to be there.

Alas, we couldn't all squeeze into that 70-mile wide path of totality without creating a real traffic apocalypse, so we'll just have to do our best to live through it with the media we have available, even though it's obviously not as good as the real thing. These are some of the best views of the solar eclipse, from viewers who have captured its awesomeness with National Geographic-like precision:

Apparently This Is Not A Painting

My brain cannot comprehend that this is a real photograph. It's too beautiful, it looks like a surrealist painting.

Epic Darkness

This really captures the communal aspect of watching the eclipse, it brought so many neighbors together, from far and wide.

The Full Story

This composite image shows the full progression of the eclipse over a gorgeous mountain scape. #epic.

Another Composite

I just cannot get over how stunning this series of images is. It looks like the cover of a science fiction novel, definitely not real life.

A NASA Photo

For the win!

Above The Clouds

For the most dramatic views.

Is This Real Life?

This is like the most perfectly staged photograph there ever was. What lucky viewers!

The Hike Of A Lifetime

This Oregonian hiker's views are like the mic drop on all views, he'll certainly never forget this hike.

The Little Prince

Standing at the edge of the world.

Black Hole Sun

Doesn't get any more eclipsed than this.

A Night's Day

It's day time, it's night time, it's the most magical in between.

A Special Shadow

Even if you weren't in the path of totality, you probably got to experience some crescent eclipse shadows, a special and unexpected perk to the eclipse experience.

Just A Sliver

The tiniest evidence of the sun, against the blackest sky.