Where Will Nick & Vanessa Live After 'The Bachelor'? They May Have Reached A Conclusion

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It has been the subject that weighed the heaviest on our Bachelor Nick Viall this season and tonight, we finally got to hear exactly what he had to say about bringing Vanessa into the United States. When you fall in love with someone from a different country, there is always a possibility that you will have to be the one who picks up and moves. Vanessa being Canadian seemed to really throw Nick for a loop and when she implied that her family/job and life in Canada were something she wasn't really willing to move away from, fans were worried that he wouldn't keep Vanessa in the competition. Well, tonight Nick opened up about not moving after The Bachelor.

That's right, Vanessa is actually going to likely be the one to pick up and change countries for love. Honestly, I really thought it would be Nick who would make the move but somehow, he convinced Vanessa to leave her deeply rooted life and start over in the United States with him. When they talked about it on After The Final Rose, it still seemed like it was a touchy subject that they hadn't exactly come to a complete decision about. Chris Harrison pointed out that Vanessa would be leaving her job and some amazing people when she moves and she seemed like she was comfortable with the idea because she plans to start a charity for people with learning disabilities in the United States. She said it would be like bringing a piece of Montreal with her.

It seems like Nick and Vanessa have reached a compromise as a couple and that was always the thing that they both were having the most trouble doing up until this point. It is nice to see that they have discussed this move thoroughly and have a plan for their life together. Here's hoping it all works out.