Vanessa Might Lose To The U.S. On 'The Bachelor'

Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Nick Viall may be from Wisconsin, but he has been living that LA life recently. However, that might all change if Vanessa wins The Bachelor. Her hometown date proved just how connected she is to her country of Canada, so if Nick chooses Vanessa by the end of The Bachelor, he may need to consider a big move. Yet, fans of Vanessa should note that everything that the Bachelor has been up to lately makes it seems like Nick won't be moving to Canada anytime soon — if ever.

In a People exclusive preview of the March 6 episode, Vanessa asks Nick if he'd compromise on moving and he says:

"I've never imagined living in Canada. And I'll be honest, that's not easy for me to picture. I hope that's not a non-negotiable, but I think I would do anything for the woman I love ... Not to sound corny, but I'm like really proud to be an American."

Hm, that doesn't bode well for their future since even if Nick does choose Vanessa at the end of The Bachelor, real-life decisions like where they will live can easily make or break a couple. And if that wasn't bad enough, here are some other signs that Nick most likely isn't moving to the Great White North — and that Vanessa probably isn't moving to the Golden State either.

Nick Is Launching A New Company

With his new business venture, the Polished Gent, Nick's software sales days are far behind him. While he could run his men's grooming business from Montreal, this is a brand new small business, so he may not want to make any major moves just yet. Plus — no offense, Canadians — but Los Angeles seems like a more appropriate place to be to kick off a men's beauty line.

Vanessa Is Still Working With Her Students

Although Vanessa isn't super active on social media, she recently teased a new project that will feature her adult students with special needs. Her March 5 tweet showcased her student Julia and used the hashtag #nobetteryou. While it's still not clear what this project will be exactly, I love that she is advocating for people with special needs. Yet, her working with her students from Montreal might be a big indication that she has no plans to leave Canada.

Nick Is On 'Dancing With The Stars'

As if being a part of The Bachelor franchise four times wasn't enough, Nick is really basking in his reality TV fame right now by being on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. That means he'll need to be in Los Angeles every week for filming. While some stars have balanced being bicoastal for the show in the past, flying back and forth from the eastern part of Canada would not be ideal for this current LA resident.

Although Vanessa herself had a career as an actress and TV host that would fit perfectly into the Los Angeles world, she seems to be focusing her efforts on teaching for now. That, along with her close relationship with her family, makes it seem like she wouldn't want to give up her life in Canada. And, unfortunately — if you're rooting for Vanessa — Nick's actions look like he also won't want to give up his life in sunny California.