Vanessa Doesn't Have To Move For 'Bachelor' Nick

by Nicole Pomarico
Phillippe Bosse/ABC

I've been saying it all season long: If Nick doesn't marry Vanessa when The Bachelor is over, he is making the biggest mistake of his life. And now, after getting to see what her real life is like and the bond she has with her family, I'm even more convinced that's a fact — if they can figure out a way to get the logistics of their potential relationship right. Nick's hometown date with Vanessa raised a lot of questions about their future, and mostly, it all revolved around where they'd live.

Oh, and for the record, Vanessa is an actual angel on earth. She brought Nick to work with her, where he got to meet her special needs students and work on making a scrapbook with them. They were so happy to see her that actual tears were shed, which was unbelievably sweet. And then, it was time to meet her family, where things got really heavy. Her mom, sister, and brother especially didn't hesitate when they brought up their concerns about Vanessa jumping into such a serious commitment so quickly if she and Nick end up engaged. And the big question: Would Nick move to Canada or would Vanessa leave her home?

How Vanessa's last relationship left her heartbroken came up a lot, and so did the fact that she tends to put other people before herself, even if it means giving up what she loves and what makes her happy. According to Vanessa herself, where she and Nick would live if they did end up together hadn't come up in conversation yet, which is a little worrying. After all, it shouldn't automatically fall to Vanessa to make the move; she has a family, a life, and a career that she obviously loves and is well suited for, so she shouldn't have to leave Canada if Nick proposes to her.

Before they take things any further, she and Nick should probably talk about things like this. Neither of them should force themselves into making such a major life change unless they're 100 percent comfortable in doing it, or else it could result in some major resentment down the road.