Ryan Seacrest Had A Very Understandable Reason For Skipping The Emmys

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The time has finally come for the Primetime Emmy Awards. It feels like forever since the nominations were announced (back in July), but now fans will finally see who will take home that shiny gold trophy for their work in television. As important as the actual award show is, the red carpet is just as significant. And this year, Ryan Seacrest is missing from the Emmys red carpet.

Seacrest is usually a red carpet fixture for major award shows, but it looks like he had a wedding this weekend. On Friday, he tweeted, "Writing a toast for my buddy’s wedding rehearsal dinner tonight... Need some last minute pointers to bring the house down." And, he was very busy drinking a milkshake Friday, as well.

On an E! press release about their Emmys red carpet covarage shared on Friday, Seacrest's name wasn't listed as one of the hosts for any of E!'s events, including the countdown to the red carpet and the actual live red carpet event. However, Giuliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy, Kristin Dos Santos, and Justin Sylvester's names were listed. So, yeah, it definitely seems like the former American Idol host will be MIA this time around.

Though, that's what happened at the 2016 Emmys, too. Seacrest wasn't part of those festivities, either, because he had another wedding, according to Cinema Blend.

Last year around the time of the Emmys, Seacrest was at his sister Meredith's wedding. At his sister's wedding, the Live With Kelly & Ryan co-host even served as "man of honor," as he revealed on Twitter. You know what all of this suggests? People close to him must really like getting married when the Emmys are happening. Maybe they like forcing him to relax his busy schedule just a little bit.

It's too bad the 42-year-old host, who seems to always have a jam-packed schedule, is apparently too busy to attend this year's Emmys. That said, maybe it was his decision to not host because he needed a break or since he had a prior engagement. Despite the many amazing talents who are nominated (ahem, This Is Us), Seacrest isn't nominated himself, so it's not like he'll feel bad about missing his category or not making an acceptance speech, you know, if he were to win.

Although, he may end up with serious FOMO, because, again, there are going to be some top-notch actors walking the red carpet. And without Seacrest, who will ask them some pretty outlandish questions? Well, Rancic might, but Seacrest is pretty good at that on pretty much every red carpet, no matter the award show. For example, this is what he asked Scarlett Johansson at the 2017 Oscars: "Do you actually wear the shoes you're wearing tonight for the rehearsal?" To that, she replied, "What a ridiculous question!"

Or, remember that time he asked Milo Ventimiglia at the 2017 Golden Globes about how one makes a good salad? Or, when he also didn't listen to a word Dax Shepard said about his upcoming CHiPs reboot? Yeah, there's no denying that Seacrest has had some cringeworthy red carpet moments. So, if you were looking forward to seeing him potentially asking even more awkward questions, it's not going to happen at Sunday's Emmys.

Though, Rancic and anyone else working the E! red carpet will surely take over Seacrest's duties flawlessly. Oh, and if you're really missing Seacrest at this year's Emmys, then there are plenty of gifs for you to search and, of course, many YouTube videos from his past interviews — like this one of Sacha Baron Cohen spilling "ashes" onto Seacrest — for you to rewatch.