Jon Snow Is Gearing Up For A Key Role In 'GoT' Season 7

Helen Sloan/HBO

After recently learning the titles of the first three episodes of Game of Thrones, as well as their descriptions, the internet's been buzzing with curiosity about what to expect. What's been most interesting is seeing who was named in the descriptions and pondering what that could mean for a certain character's overall arc. This includes Jon Snow, who's listed in two Season 7 episodes out of the first three. But, considering he's a main character at this point, he could very well appear in the rest of the season — the remaining four out of seven episodes — considering how his arc is being set up this season.

Early promotion for Game of Thrones has positioned Jon Snow as one of the three key rulers who find themselves in positions of great power at the beginning of Season 7 (Daenerys and Cersei are the other two). As the King in the North, Jon Snow sounds like he has his work cut out for him early on. According to the first three GoT episode descriptions, Jon will be preoccupied fortifying the North against the impending attack from the White Walkers. He also appears to be facing a revolt, and it might be within his own ranks. Jon has faced opposition from his men before, including that one time all his men mutinied and killed him. So, yeah, there's not a whole lotta pressure to quell the revolt ASAP or anything.

Attempting to search for more concrete answers on actor Kit Harington's IMDb page is a big hit and a miss. For now, the only episodes he's listed as appearing in are the first two of Season 7. There's an equal amount of mystery surrounding the rest of the season — no, really, the cast and crew are an impenetrable fortress of secrets — so the best guess here is that if Jon is truly a main and important character, he'll at least make it a majority of the way through Season 7.

So, have faith: There's definitely plenty of Jon Snow in your future, Game of Thrones fans.