The First Few 'GoT' Season 7 Titles Will Make You Wonder

by Kristie Rohwedder
Helen Sloan/HBO

Winter is coming next Sunday, so why not bundle up with some details about the forthcoming season of Game of Thrones? And rest assured, these new pieces of information are about as cozy as Jon Snow's Night's Watch cloak. On Friday, HBO unveiled the descriptions and titles for the first three GoT Season 7 episodes. And judging from the episode names and synopses, it sounds like Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and Jon Snow will continue to keep things very interesting this season. So, what do these GoT Season 7 titles mean?

Per the HBO press release, the first eps of the season are called "Dragonstone," "Stormborn," and "The Queen's Justice." So, go ahead and grab your suitcase — yes, the one full of GoT titles. Because it's time to unpack these Season 7 episode names.

Title #1: "Dragonstone"

As well-versed GoT scholars know, Dragonstone is the name of the island at the entrance of Blackwater Bay. Oh, but that is not the only Dragonstone in the GoT universe: It is the name of the castle on the island of Dragonstone, too. Assuming the title is not an intentional misdirect, it seems likely that the castle overlooking Blackwater Bay and/or the island will play some role in "Dragonstone."

Now, if the episode description actually means what it appears to mean, the Mother of Dragons may pay the island a visit. The summary reads,

Jon (Kit Harington) organizes the defense of the North. Cersei (Lena Headey) tries to even the odds. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) comes home.

Oh, is that so? Might Dany head back to Dragonstone, aka her place of birth, at some point during the episode? Is the throne room in the Season 7 trailer located in Dragonstone, just as many eagle-eyed fans suspected? Does Dany take the Targaryen seat at Dragonstone?

While we're on the subject of Daenerys Targaryen...

Title #2: "Stormborn"

On the day of Dany's birth, there was a storm. And so the moniker Daenerys Stormborn was, well, born. Ah, another reference to the Breaker of Chains. According to the episode description, Dany Stormborn "receives an unexpected visitor."

Oh, buddy. Who shows up to Dragonstone (assuming that's where Dany is)? What if it's Jorah Mormont? And what if he found a cure for Greyscale? It would be one of GoT's happiest moments, right? (Er, not that the competition is that stiff. My goodness, this show is so dark.)

Title #3: "The Queen's Justice"

Ah, this is a juicy one. Which queen might this be? Is it Dany, or is it Cersei Lannister? Or both? And is the queen the one serving the justice, or is the justice being served to her? According to the synopsis:

Daenerys holds court. Cersei returns a gift. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) learns from his mistakes.

Is the act of holding court the justice? Is the returned gift the justice? Is Jaime's lesson the justice? And who else can't stop humming "D.A.N.C.E" by Justice like it's the year 2007?

Here's a prediction gleaned from the episode titles: Queen Dany Stormborn will take Dragonstone, get her justice, 1-2-3-4 fight, and do the D-A-E-N-C-E.