Tyrion's 'Game Of Thrones' Fate Is Tough To Predict

Macall B. Polay/HBO

The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 is so close you can taste it, and now that the titles and descriptions for the first three episodes have been released, fans definitely have a lot to think about before Sunday night. Since so many characters have unfinished business, it was refreshing to see certain names listed. Anyone who's currently wondering which Game of Thrones Season 7 episodes Tyrion Lannister is in will be happy to know that the character's name is listed in the first two episodes so far. While his role in the past six seasons of the series has been one of the most important, it's hard to tell just yet if he'll actually make it through the full season. Those details aren't yet available for any character.

Game of Thrones is known for being incredibly unpredictable when it comes to the survival of major characters, so a major death in Season 7 isn't exactly hard to imagine. The end of the HBO drama's sixth season saw Tyrion departing the Bay of Dragons with Daenerys and her fleet, as she finally set out on her journey to Westeros to claim the Iron Throne.

According to the descriptions of the first three GoT episodes, Tyrion and Daenerys will finally be back in Daenerys' home of Dragonstone, and by episode 2, Tyrion will be left with the task of planning out just how they're going to conquer the country where his sister Cersei — who wants him dead for killing their father — is the queen. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong there?

In this season's trailer, Cersei tells Jaime that the two of them are "the last [Lannisters] who count," so it's pretty clear she has no plans of burying the hatchet with her black sheep brother any time soon.

It should be noted that since there are only two more seasons of Game of Thrones, what becomes of Daenerys' story could set the tone for how the series ends. Taking the Iron Throne from Cersei isn't going to be easy, and it's obvious there are going to have to be a few casualties once the Lannister army comes face to face with Daenerys. Fingers crossed that Tyrion won't be one of them.