Everyone Blake Dated Before 'BiP' Season 6 Because It Is SO Hard To Keep Track

John Fleenor/ABC

Blake and his various pre-Paradise exploits have been practically all anyone's talked about on Bachelor in Paradise this week, and somehow, it seems like him being the topic of conversation isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since after just two episodes, we now know that he's pretty familiar with a lot of the ladies on the beach. So who did Blake date before BIP? Strap in, because this is already quite a rollercoaster.

The most obvious answer to this question is Caelynn, because she's been the most vocal of Blake's former flames. According to what she's said on BIP so far, they were seeing each other and it was serious enough that they were considering not going to Paradise so they could take a stab at being a legit, public couple. However, since then, Blake has taken to Instagram to share his side of the story, but being that both of their versions of what happened conflict so much, it's hard to say what the truth actually is.

And as fans are finding out, what Blake had going on with Caelynn was just the tip of the iceberg, because he was dating or talking to at least three other women who just so happen to be in Paradise this season, too.

Then, there's Kristina, who Blake also dated before Paradise, and it does seem like there was a bit of an overlap between her and Caelynn. Kristina ended up giving Blake her date card so they could have some time to talk about the situation privately, and she admitted that she was really hurt that he would sleep with Caelynn a day after sleeping with her. It was brutal — and they didn't really seem to make any progress on their "date."

Blake also seems to have dated Hannah G., who Caelynn said Blake was DMing while he was in bed with her. It became obvious on the show that this isn't the first time they've met, though... and Hannah is still very much into him, which definitely doesn't apply to Kristina or Caelynn.

Finally, there's Tayshia, who seems to be involved in all of this, although it's not yet 100% clear how. She also was the recipient of Blake's date card, and while they had a good time, as soon as Tayshia found out about the drama with Caelynn, she decided to back out of pursuing anything with him. And with the way things are going just two episodes in to BIP, that's probably for the best.

It's a very tangled web of drama, but isn't that what makes Bachelor in Paradise so entertaining in the first place? Blake has quite a hole to dig himself out of at this point, but being that Hannah G. seems to be totally interested in him despite all of this (and despite her strong connection with Dylan) means that maybe he'll be able to find love on the beach after all.

Just as long as more of his exes don't show up in paradise, of course. The season is still young.