Why Becca Isn't Watching Blake's 'BiP' Season

John Fleenor/ABC

It's summertime, which can only mean one thing: Bachelor in Paradise is back for Season 6 on ABC. The reality series kicked off on Monday, Aug. 5 for a two-night premiere, and there's already trouble brewing (because when is there not?). One contestant at the center of the drama is Blake Horstmann, who was in Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette. And since he's at the center of most of the conflict so far, Bachelor Nation may be wondering what Becca thinks of Blake on Bachelor in Paradise.

Turns out, it's not a whole lot, which is totally understandable. In fact, she's sort of living her best life, telling Bustle via email that she's vacationing in Bali and sitting this season out.

For a quick refresher, Blake made it to the very end of The Bachelorette, losing out only to Garrett Yrigoyen in the series finale. Perhaps his most memorable episode with Becca was his home visit in Bailey, Colorado, where Blake revealed that he'd witnessed a shooting at his high school back in 2006, which had a lasting effect on the whole town. And while his honesty brought the two closer, Becca ultimately chose Garrett.

But it's clear that Blake has moved on from the rejection. "[I'm] definitely over it, already moved on, closed that door," Blake told Entertainment Tonight back in Sept. 2018, stating that watching After the Final Rose helped him heal. "[I]t wasn't really seeing her that helped me, but actually seeing [Becca and Garrett] together."

And it seems like The Bachelorette subject and winner are doing well. Not only did they recently celebrate their one-year anniversary, but they're currently on vacation, according to Becca's Instagram stories — first in Sydney and now Bali. So it remains to be seen whether the two will watch BiP at all or if they need a break from Bachelor Nation. Becca did, however, live-tweet Hannah B.'s Bachelorette season, so time will tell if she's keeping tabs on her "exes" down in Mexico.

Blake is really going to get it this season, too. On the first part of the two-night premiere, audiences learned that Blake had hooked up with both Caelynn and Kristina before the series began — both former Bachelor contestants and both in Paradise with Blake this season. Predictably, it's clear that the two women aren't psyched to see him flirting with Tayshia and pretending he doesn't know his former paramours.

During the season premiere, Caelynn told fellow BiP contestant Onyeka about her history with Blake, saying that Colton had introduced the two and that they'd been talking for a few months. But after they hooked up at the Stagecoach music festival, he confessed that he'd hooked up with Kristina (who was on Nick's season of The Bachelor) the night before. This was obviously a problem for Caelynn.

"Blake sucks," Caelynn declared on the beach, according to People. "All of the girls are like saying what a great guy he is, and I'm sitting there like, you guys don't even know who this guy is. We were seeing each other, I was pretty sure it was exclusive. He's done some really horrible things to me. So now I’m not interested in him. He's made it clear he's not interested in me. I'm a mistake. He's never apologized, and that's hurtful."

So whatever Becca thinks of Blake being on BiP or how he's handling this sticky situation, it's clear that several women are not members of his fan club right now.