All ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Who Are On The Chopping Block For The Season 8 Finale

Gene Page/AMC

Carl's death on The Walking Dead has shaken survivors on both sides of the epic war between Rick and Negan, but the war's not over. Who will die in The Walking Dead Season 8 finale on April 15? In order to end the standoff once and for all, there will be casualties.

Spoilers ahead.

UPDATE: Shockingly, every major character survived The Walking Dead Season 8 finale. Even Negan.

EARLIER: Let's rule out some folks first. Fans know that Morgan (Lennie James) probably survives, as he's heading to Fear The Walking Dead this season. Tara (Alanna Masterson) has some unfinished business with the ladies of Oceanside that should be explored next season. Michonne is likely safe — unless Danai Gurira leaves the show to become a full time playwright/superhero. Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Jesus (Tom Payne), as remaining ambassadors from communities that have merged with Rick's group, are also probably safe. So is the artist currently known as Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), now that she's escaped what would have been a spectacular death scene in the trash heaps. Likely to survive as well are younger characters like Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Henry (Macsen Lintz) as well as new characters like Siddiq (Avi Nash) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe). If the show follows the comics, finally, Negan (Jefferey Dean Morgan) will also walk away from the dang war. It's unfortunate, but it's what happens.

Based on the image above, the whole cast is finally going to be in one place for the first time this season, taking up arms together. Seems epic, but also dangerous. Surely a few characters aren't going to make it into Season 9. Who's on the chopping block — literally, maybe, if Negan has his way? Here are some contenders, ranked not by likelihood but by how much it will satisfy/hurt fans who are already on the edge of their couches.

Please: Eugene (Josh McDermitt)

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He's too awful. It's not fun any more. Fans won't be able to remember the good times with Eugene now that he has gone down this path. His folksy mannerisms are just annoying in context. Eugene has become the human embodiment of the Savior anthem "Easy Street," and if he continues to choose the wrong side in this war, then he probably has to die for it.

Please: Gabriel (Seth Gilliam)

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Stop making this man suffer. Let him find his purpose and pass in peace. He may have a moment of bravery left in him, but it's probably going to be his last moment.

Please: Gregory (Xander Berkeley)

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Gregory finally stood up for himself! And... he still sucks. Ditch him, Maggie.

Maybe: Rosita (Christian Serratos)

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If any member of the main cast were to die in a big battle, it might be Rosita. She's a great soldier — though it doesn't seem like her story is over, and she is kind of the perfect person to take out Eugene. Could go either way.

Maybe: Aaron (Ross Marquand)

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Aaron's not in a great place right now. Will he make it back from Oceanside alive? Is he already dead? Who can say? Then again, someone has to take care of that baby he technically adopted.

Maybe: Dwight (Austin Amelio)

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This poor guy has never been able to catch a break, and let's just hope that if and when he dies it's not too painful or humiliating.

Nooo: Daryl (Norman Reedus)

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As much as fans love Daryl, his character hasn't really had a story this season. Either the finale will set something up for him to deal with next year, or he may be moving on. It would cause riots, but nobody is safe, and this show loves to tempt and incite.

Nooo: Maggie (Lauren Cohan)

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Her character is still pregnant, and both fans and cast members alike are advocating for her contract renewal terms, but there may not be a choice. The Saviors have it out for the widow, and Gregory is well-placed to muck things up.

Nooo: Rick (Andrew Lincoln)

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Will they do it? Will they really do it? Could starting over in the new world on The Walking Dead mean the death of Rick Grimes? The clues are there. The theories have been spelled out. Nobody wants it, but as with any season finale, fans should brace themselves just in case.

The war will be bloody, and that probably means a crowded couch on that night's Talking Dead. All you can do now is hope that your favorite made the cut.