Ashley's Phone Call In 'Million Little Things' Makes Her Look Shadier Than Ever

David Bukach/ABC

A good assistant is one that will keep all of your secrets, like how many snack breaks you take throughout the day and whose calls you don't really want to take. But if you’re dead, should that assistant still be keeping them? Ashley was Jon’s right hand on A Million Little Things, and she was on virtually every phone call the entire time she worked together. But, well, she admitted in this week's episode that there were a few that she wasn't on, and those, now in the light of day can be a little suspicious. Who was Jon talking to? And who was Ashley on the phone with on A Million Little Things? A phone call in the middle of the Dec. 5 episode saw Ashley imploring someone on the other end of the line to hold on a little longer. What does this all mean?

Ashley was the last person to talk to Jon and see him alive, and she has been mourning as much as the rest of the group in the wake of his death. But she’s also been covering his tracks — after Jon committed suicide, Ashley deleted a dozen or so files on his computer, all labeled with “Rutledge” as the identifier. Jon was in real estate, so it could be that Rutledge is a place, but nothing has come of it yet. Ashley also is hiding Jon’s suicide note from Delilah, Jon’s wife, and the rest of their family. "There's an envelope behind the painting ... Ashley had no idea I was going to do this,” part of the note reads. “Ask her what she's doing, as I don't want you ... doesn't know what you know, she will be protected."

Hello, red flags. Ashley is also acutely aware of Barbara Morgan, a woman who is a beneficiary of Jon’s estate. She doesn’t know who Barbara is, but Ashley knows Jon owed a lot of money to a lot of people, given all the past-due notices she found in his P.O. box. And now, Ashley is on the phone with someone telling them not to sell, to wait longer, to hold tight. It’s hard to tell where Ashley’s loyalty lies. It would be nice if she was covering Jon’s tracks so that his family didn’t have to deal with it, but it could also be that Ashley is covering her own tracks when it comes to Jon’s business dealings. Or her own family.

Yea, there’s a Reddit theory floating around that Ashley is Jon’s long-lost daughter, and when it comes to A Million Little Things, it could be feasible. The theory goes that Barbara Morgan is Ashley’s mother, which would explain why she would be "taken care of" in the case of Jon’s death. Maybe Ashley owes someone money and she knows she’ll be coming into some soon with Barbara Morgan. Maybe Ashley’s affection for Jon is familial. But that's assuming that she knows all about this. If not, she's still just being shady.

Christina Ochoa, who plays Ashley, told Bustle that all will be eventually revealed when it comes to why Ashley is hiding everything. "We’ll reveal a little bit of her backstory as we start, not justifying, but explaining some of the actions that she’s taken so far," she said. "One week you’ll see something she does, and you’ll judge her for it. And then the next week, we’ll discover why she’s doing it."

A Million Little Things viewers have to wait a bit longer to learn more about Ashley, but now, it seems like she’s in pretty deep. Almost as deep as Jon was.