This Theory About Chic's Real Dad On 'Riverdale' Could Change Everything

Shane Harvey/The CW

Riverdale loves to surprise its audience, and Chic Cooper's entire arc has been nothing but surprises. One of the biggest twists to come as a result of Chic's presence has been the discovery that Chic is not fully a Cooper. A blood test done by Betty proves that Chic isn't who he claims to be. The blood discrepancy indicates something that seems clear in retrospect —and the Riverdale audience will be left wondering who Chic Cooper's real dad is on Riverdale.

Betty checked a sample of Chic's blood to see if he was related to the Blossom family like Hal Cooper is. However, the blood test indicates that Chic's blood doesn't line up with the Blossom family, meaning that Chic is not Hal's son. Looking back, it seemed obvious from the first time Chic and Hal shared a dinner table that there was no familial love between the two men, and Chic's true parentage explains why. The Coopers were never a happy family to begin with, but Chic's presence inspired a split between Hal and Alice Cooper. Whoever Chic's father is, he's still having an effect on Hal and Alice's relationship nearly 20 years after Chic was born.

However, when it comes to the question of who fathered Chic, the question can't be solved by Betty's blood test. There's always a chance that Chic's father is a stranger who wandered out of Alice's life after she got pregnant — but this is Riverdale. Chances are the father is someone that fans already know, and the revelation that he and Alice have a child is going to have a huge impact on the town. Judging by everything that the series has told us so far about Alice's past, there's one clear theory for the question of "Who is Chic's father?" He's likely none other than FP Jones.

Season 2 has been slowly revealing that Betty Cooper may have inherited her "Dark Betty" personality from her mother. Alice Cooper's history as a Southside Snake has come up a few times this season, and her willingness to assist her son in committing murder in her own house proves that you can take the woman out of the Southside, but you can't take the Southside out of the woman. It was revealed that current Southside Snake FP Jones and Alice Cooper have a history in Season 1, which makes FP Jones the obvious candidate for Chic's real father. The timeline adds up, and the melancholy Chic seems to be much more similar to Jughead than the peppy Cooper sisters. Chic and Jughead probably have a lot of similar opinions on the town of Riverdale, too.

Of course, Riverdale could be setting fans up for an unpredictable twist. The show spent part of Season 1 convincing audiences that FP Jones may have been responsible for the murder of Jason Blossom, which turned out to be false. Who's to say the writers of Riverdale aren't setting up audiences for another switch, subverting expectations by making it seem like FP Jones is Chic's father, only to reveal that it's Fred Andrews or Sheriff Kellar? Will Riverdale turn into a Mamma Mia situation where the father could be one of three men and everyone sings ABBA songs to figure it out? Riverdale has never been one down a musical number.

Whether Chic's father turns out to be FP Jones or another member of Riverdale that no one expects, the identity of his father will change everything for the Cooper family. Now that Chic is back in her life, will Alice find herself working with Chic's father to stop whoever is trying to kill their son? Will Betty find out that she shares a half-brother with one of her best friends (or her boyfriend)? Whatever truths are revealed, learning the identity of Chic's father promises to be one of the biggest twists in a storyline that has had no shortage of surprises so far.