Who is Erin Kellyman? The Up-And-Coming Actress Has Already Starred In A Few BBC Faves & A Sci-Fi Blockbuster

BBC / Sister Pictures

Erin Kellyman's appearance in BBC2's new black comedy Don't Forget The Driver is set to be another incredible performance for the rising star. The up-and-coming actress is likely to have appeared in all of your recent BBC faves, and, although she's been a little lowkey, she'll get her shining moment in this new show. With a huge career ahead of her, it's worth getting to know the actress now. So, who is Erin Kellyman? I reckon I can see BAFTAs in her future, and it's time that people start taking note.

You might remember seeing Kellyman's captivating, beautifully freckly face when she played Éponine Thenardier in BBC1's recent — and non-musical — adaptation of Victor Hugo's epic Les Misérables, which first aired on Dec. 30, 2018. When speaking to Bradford Zone ahead of her appearance on the show, Kellyman said: "First time I saw Les Misérables was the film — so I was roughly 14. I really liked the film and Éponine and Gavroche were my two favourites. To be able to do this is crazy. Getting to play her was a dream."

Fittingly, when Screen Daily named her one of their "Stars of Tomorrow" on Oct. 4, 2018, she told the site that acting had been her ambition from a young age, and that she had watched "movie after movie after movie. Les Misérables in particular. I loved the character of Éponine."

Before Les Misérables, however, Kellyman got her big blockbuster break when she appeared as the nefarious Enfys Nest in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which came to cinemas in the UK on May 24, 2018, according to The Sun.

Her latest role as Kayla Green — the daughter of Peter Jones' coach-driving character — in upcoming series Don't Forget The Driver, is set to display Kellyman's impressive talent even more clearly. Describing her character, the actress told the BBC that Kayla "struggles with her identity a lot. She’s not quite happy where she is, but also doesn’t know what she wants to do. She doesn’t feel like she fits anywhere."

Speaking why she loved making the show, Kellyman told the BBC:

"There’s not just one story, there are lots of little stories in between. Each of the characters has something going on. You read the script so many times and you think you understand what you’re saying, but then you go on set and do it with Toby and it completely goes out the window. He's so funny it’s hard not to corpse. It’s been great."

According to the Nottingham Post, Kellyman studied acting at Nottingham's Television Workshop, alongside the likes of Skins' Jack O'Connell and Line Of Duty's Vicky McClure. From there, she went on to impress at her very first audition, as she landed the role of Cathy in Channel 4's adaptation of Caitlin Moran's autobiography Raised By Wolves.

While you wait to see Kellyman play her next gripping role in Don't Forget The Driver (which you can catch the premiere of on BBC2 at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9), it's worth checking out the actress' social media pages. You won't find her on Twitter, but you can browse through her Instagram page @erin.kellyman, which shows off some fierce lewks.

Don't Forget The Driver begins Tuesday, April 9 on BBC2 at 10 p.m.