Hannah Is Trying To Fit In On 'Southern Charm: Savannah'

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Another franchise of Southern Charm (this time, it’s in Savannah) means plenty of on-the-surface gentility, old money, old friends, and new drama for me to watch on Bravo. I can’t wait! If Southern Charm: Savannah has one iota of the interest that the OG Southern Charm holds for me, I’m a goner. With a new show comes a new cast to get to know (oh, I miss those early days when Jax Taylor and Craig Conover were relative strangers… what mystery!), and I’m here to help you learn a little bit about the reality franchise's new subjects. Who is Hannah on Southern Charm: Savannah?

The first place to check out for information on Hannah is her Bravo.com profile, because that’s where the pretty, polished bio is. It says that Hannah grew up outside of Atlanta — so she is not a born-and-bred Savannah native like most of the cast — and she went to the University of Georgia. Post-graduation, she moved back home and managed a cosmetic line with a pal, but a strained relationship with her family put her on the move. In order to gain her own financial independence, she quit her management job, moved to Savannah, and started working at a trucking company in the sales department. She met her boyfriend, castmate Louis, in Savannah, and five years later, they're still together.

Five years is a long time, and in Hannah’s bio it says that she "struggles at times to find her place in this old society and wonders what her life would be like here forever." That, I think, will be the crux of Hannah’s storyline on Southern Charm: Savannah. It appears as if she has a good life in the Georgia city, with a good job and a good partner. But because she isn’t from Savannah, will she ever be really accepted by the community? Insular communities are really hard to break into. Some people can do it — for instance, Craig on the original Southern Charm is not from Charleston. He’s from Delaware actually, but he’s attempted to blend into Charleston society and has done a pretty good job of it. Will Hannah able to do the same?

Another potential story line for Hannah is that she will quit her job, break up with her boyfriend, or both in an attempt to find herself. Like I said, five years is a long time, especially when you're young. From her social media, Hannah seems like your typical, happy millennial, spending time with friends and traveling.

She also loves a burger like I do.

From looking through her photos (you know I took a dive through everything on her social media), I picture Hannah as the Hills-era Lauren Conrad of the group on Southern Charm: Savannah. She already has a lot going for her and she knows that she wants to do more with her life. Southern Charm: Savannah is a great platform from which to figure that out.