These 'GoT' Characters Are Going To Probably Die In The Crypts — Including The Little Soup Girl

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

The Stark family crypt has made several prominent cameos on Game of Thrones, serving as a source of comfort for the Starks when they needed to feel close to the ones they lost. However, during Sunday night's Battle of Winterfell episode, that sanctuary could become their worst nightmare if the theory about the dead Starks rising in the crypts come to pass, especially since that's the place many people will be hiding out. So knowing who's in the crypts during the Battle of Winterfell is important, considering they could be in just as much (if not more) danger than those on the battlefield.

The theory stems from the fact that multiple characters made specific comments about the crypts in Episode 2, repeatedly calling it the "safest place to be" during the battle. Those repetitive remarks quickly caught the attention of fans, who know this series well enough to wonder how safe this place is actually going to turn out to be. Everyone certainly wants us to feel like the crypts will keep these people away from harm, but when you're surrounded by dead bodies and the leader of the Army of the Dead comes knocking on your door, you may want to consider relocating yourself elsewhere, preferably somewhere around the living.

So just in case this does end up coming to pass, here's a breakdown of all the Game of Thrones characters we know will be down in the crypts thus far.



The Season 8 trailer showed the Spider looking very worried down in the crypts. Little does he know just how worried he should be at this point.


Helen Sloan/HBO

HBO has released a handful of Episode 3 images, one of which includes Tyrion chatting with Varys down in the crypts. Daenerys had instructed her Hand to remain there during the battle since she would need him when the war is over. But if you were hoping he was going to disobey her instructions, that doesn't appear to be the case.


Her whereabouts during the battle weren't specifically stated, but odds are she'll be among the women and children heading down to the crypts. You knew right when she and Grey Worm started making plans for their future that either one or both of them wouldn't survive. Grey Worm may seem like the most likely candidate to fall, given that he's the leader of the Unsullied, but that's what would make Missandei's death all the more heartbreaking.

Gilly & Little Sam

Gilly confirmed that she and her son would be down in the crypts when the time came. These two have been through a lot, though, so there's always a chance they could make it out of this situation alive, right?

The Little Soup Girl


We don't even know her name, but her brief conversation with Davos and Gilly was enough to make us invested in her fate, which means she's probably going to die because when has this show ever let us have nice things?

Obviously, there will be many more people down there besides this, but losing any of these people would be devastating. Let's just hope the crypts really are as safe as they're being made out to be. Otherwise, they're all doomed.