The Night King Could Be Able To Bring Back The Dead Starks On 'GoT,' But He Might Not Want To

Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

As the residents of Winterfell prepares for the Night King's arrival, they might want to consider exiting the crypt, and quick. There's a theory — because with Game Of Thrones there's always a theory — that the Night King can bring back the dead Starks. So all the women and children hiding out in the crypt in Episode 3 of Season 8 might be in for a big and rather terrifying surprise.

The Stark family crypt is considered to be the safest spot in Winterfell, and we know this because more than a few characters straight-up said so in Sunday night's episode, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms." (Not to mention, Game Of Thrones devoted a whole teaser to the Stark crypt before Season 8 began, which can't be for nothing, right?) Of course, the fact that so many characters made this point probably means it's not the safest space to be as the Night King and his white walker army prepare to break down Winterfell's walls just as they did the Wall.

We already know that the Night King can bring back the dead after watching him reanimate Daenerys' dragon Viserion. But this theory, according to Polygon, states that those buried in the crypt will come back to life courtesy of the Night King. So, yes, Ned, Robb, and Catelynn could all be walking around before Episode 3 is over.

The evidence that this could really happen? Well, some believe its on display in the Game of Thrones final season trailer. That clip includes a shot of a frightened Arya running through the crypt. Could she be running from her undead ancestors?

Redditor poc9k thinks so, and pointed directly to what Dany tells Jon Snow in the Episode 3 teaser as evidence: "The dead are already here." The user thinks that the white walkers won't be able to get into the Stark's castle because it is protected by the same magic that kept The Wall safe. But, this doesn't mean they can't raise the dead within Winterfell. So, as Game Of Thrones fan @HarkerRyan_ tweeted, is this is the case, "we are so getting White Walker Ned."

Instead of fighting the army off, though, Redditor poc9k thinks the remaining Starks will have to command this army of their own dead family members to take out the Night King. Their Stark of choice to lead this fight is Sansa, the real leader in Winterfell, who is wearing armor this season, just sayin'. Though, let's not count Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, out as the undead army's possible leader, since he does share a connection with the Night King.

This is a rather happy spin on the dead Starks theory, and there are other fans who think these guys coming back from the dead is actually a good thing. A Reddit theory from KackKellyJD states that the dead Starks will fight for the living because of their "deep connection to the castle and the Old Gods of the North."

This Redditor thinks that during the brutal battle, which will likely lead to the deaths of some of our favorite GoT characters, the dead Starks will rise up from their tombs to defend their home, not the Night King. "They'll fight against his army and help whoever has retreated into the castle beat back the dead and possibly be crucial in helping slay the Night King," KackKellyJD wrote.

Others on Reddit think George R.R. Martin already teased that the crypt could be the key to saving Winterfell. As Redditor harpejjist pointed out, Jon Snow talks about the possibility of Ned Stark coming back to life in A Game Of Thrones, the first book in Martin's A Song Of Ice & Fire series. The book's passage reads:

"Last night he had dreamt the Winterfell dream again. He was wandering the empty castle, searching for his father, descending into the crypts. Only this time the dream had gone further than before. In the dark he'd heard the scrape of stone on stone. When he turned he saw the vaults were opening, one after the other. As the dead kings came stumbling from their cold black graves, Jon had woken in pitch dark, his heart hammering."

All of that doesn't necessarily sound comforting, which is why fans aren't quite sure whether the Starks coming back to life is a good thing or not. Either way, it appears fans should prepare themselves for the tales from this crypt to be harrowing either way.