How Jasper's Dad Conned His Way Onto 'The Royals'

James Dimmock/E! Entertainment

While fans may have realized that Jasper's dad would show up on The Royals at some point again in Season 4, they might not have been prepared for just how involved he'd be with the royal family. Spoilers for "Black As His Purpose Did The Night Resemble." The American Mr. Frost magically appears in London to help Jasper get back to the palace during the blackout, but then Jasper leaves his dad on the streets because he doesn't want to get caught up in his father's latest scheme.

However, it looks like Jasper doesn't really have a choice since Mr. Frost has conned Joan Collins' Grand Duchess into believing he's an Italian count. Jasper's father has used deception to infiltrate the palace just like his son did back in Season 1. But unlike his son, fans probably shouldn't expect Mr. Frost to have the same noble turnaround. So now it's up to Jasper to figure out his dad's plan before he causes damage to the royal family and to Jasper.

Collins' character has been missing from The Royals after the family discovered in Season 2 that Duchy was responsible for killing King Simon's intended bride, Dominique. Instead of turning her into the police, Helena decided to take away her mother's title, staff, and stipend. Since then, there has been a Dame Collins drought. Yet, she returns during the power outage in "Black As His Purpose Did The Night Resemble" despite the fact that Helena had banished her "homicidal mother" (Liam's words) from the palace.


During a drunken game of truth or truth, Duchy says that she never intended for Dominique to die — and that she wasn't responsible for the death of the maid Violet, whom Cyrus loved. While she's still a pretty immoral person, this seems to clear the air between Duchy and her daughter. And Helena apparently decides to allow her mother to stay at the palace with her Italian lover.

Meanwhile, Jasper needs to get home to Eleanor, but the blackout leads to mobs on the street that attack his ambulance. But Mr. Frost shockingly shows up to help Jasper get to the palace on foot — though Jasper is far from happy to see his con artist father. Mr. Frost wants Jasper to take him to the palace too, but Jasper knows his father can't be trusted and refuses.


But, as it turns out, Mr. Frost doesn't need his son to get into the palace because he's Duchy's new "Italian" lover. The last scene shows that Mr. Frost has been posing as "Count Bellagio" — a nod to his Las Vegas roots — and is dating Eleanor's grandmother. (So the Frost men have managed to be sexually involved with three generations of the royal women.) It seems like Duchy is oblivious that Mr. Frost is playing her. But it would seem odd that she'd actually believe his rough Italian accent is legitimate — especially with a name like Count Bellagio. But no matter her knowledge of the situation, Mr. Frost is back in his son's life ... and in the royal palace.

However, there's no way that Jasper is going to let his fraud father scam him or Eleanor's family. While Jasper probably doesn't care that much if Duchy is being exploited, Mr. Frost's appearance inevitably means negative repercussions for the rest of the royal household, including his beloved Eleanor. So although Eleanor and Jasper are happily in love, they now have to contend with not only Robert trying to pry them apart but whatever Jasper's dad is up to. But unlike when "Mandy" showed up, Jasper should reveal immediately his father's true identity to Eleanor so that the two of them can plot together to stop his evil plan. Because after all that they've been through, Eleanor and Jasper can't let a little thing like Jasper's manipulative and greedy father get in their way.